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Coding of RC8 is now in progress. :)

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The .dat files will no longer be needed because BCDW will allow us to boot to the setupldr.bin file instead. Which allows us to have multiple setupldr.bin's for each boot folder. XPPCldr.bin, XOPCldr.bin, ROPCldr.bin... etc...

Each new *ldr.bin file will be hex edited to be told to use a different winnt.sif file as well. wXPPC.sif, wXOPC.sif... and so on.

I am not sure when there will be a new release as of yet. Sorry... but I have had a lot of things happen recently in my life that has slowed down my time to code again. :( I may release a beta version of what I have so far. But it is only to be considered beta. It seems to work very well and very fast... but there is still a lot to be added.

With the new idea of how the winnt.sif file is used I need to change the way you select your winnt.sif file as well. Instead of selecting the folder containing the winnt.sif we will need to select the winnt.sif file itself. Which will cause me to have to change a lot of code throughout the scripts.

There are going to be so many changes that I have decided to not make this version fully backwards compatable with the older versions. Which means you will need to make new settings files and even the unattended parameters will change to make them simpler to use. So yes I would advise recreating your disks when the new version is released. Sorry... but it will better the project. So these changes will be needed.

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