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[Question] - NTFS vs FAT32


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Actually, I have always been installing Windows 2000 and Windows XP on a FAT32 partition, but then convert it to NTFS, because that's my own workaround I have for preventing Windows from dorking around with the drive letters!

You're dorking around with directory and file security when doing it this way. Windows XP applies different security permissions when installed on FAT32 than it does when installed on NTFS. Installing straight to NTFS is much more secure. It also does not fix the security permissions when you run the convert.

It just decided to dork around with the driver letters on my main PC! Windows XP Pro SP2 (testing) decided to make my primary master HDD letter E! :realmad:

That means I'm now required to install Windows on a FAT32 then convert it to NTFS or unplug my second HDD! :realmad:

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Check your boot order in the BIOS...I think you'll find that your primary master isn't actually specified as the main boot drive. :)

Check your drives and see if NTDETECT.COM and NTLDR are in the root of C: or in the root of one of the other drives.

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