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need opinions on a new PSU


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Any one of the three would be more than enough for what you've got with huge room to spare. Your not gonna stress that PS with what you've listed. The drives are what take the most power and that only on startup. you have only two there. I have four with two DVD burners on a 400 w PS and it does just fine.

My opinion which you asked for is that over $100 is way too much to spend on an ENermax. I like Enermax, but I pay way less here retail and we have a 20% VAT to contend with. Take a look at pricewatch.com or others. I'm sure you can do better. There are also many other PS suppliers which will do you, like TopPower, Antec, and even CoolerMaster. They all make very quiet PSs.

If I was going to spend over $100 on a PS like that, I'd seriously consider going with a fanless design - not just quiet, but noiseless for a few dollars more. Anything above 400 watts will comp[letely cover you, as you have described. That being said, there is nothing wrong with having a stronger supply like a 485 or even a 550, but you will pay a bit more.

I'd say do a little more research into what you really need, or might need in the future, and then do some more price checking and I think you'll come out ahead.

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