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internet filtering / limiting


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okay, so, i'm just wondering really fast what a good piece of software is to block offensive material online and more importantly limit the user's time. this is just for a simple dialup connection and im looking for just a free content filtering software and more importantly a program that will disconnect the internet after an hour or something like that.

need this quick, thanks!

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There are plenty of free software out there that can do this... for a windows solution you might want to look into squidNT.. which is basically the linux squid proxy server ported to windows.... it works pretty well and you can set different logon times and credentials.. otherwise there are an abuncance of linux distros that have an all in one proxy/av/firewall/filter.. you name it in one distro..

off the top of my head you can look into clarkconnect or smoothwall.. I am sure there are plenty others.. if you are looking for something full featured.. start to learn linux.. not too many great free windows apps for stuff like this

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