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[Question] Windows Embedded?


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I have a student MSDN-AA account, and I just noticed that there's an option for "Windows Embedded".

They describe it like this:

Windows® XP Embedded enables rapid development of the most reliable and full-featured connected devices.

Windows XP Embedded is the componentized version of the leading desktop operating system, enabling rapid development of the most reliable and full-featured connected devices. Based on the same binaries as Windows XP Professional, Windows XP Embedded enables embedded developers to individually select only the rich features they need for customized, reduced-footprint embedded devices.

Building upon the proven code base of Windows 2000, Windows XP Embedded delivers industry-leading reliability, security, and performance along with the latest multimedia Web browsing capabilities, and device support. Windows XP Embedded also incorporates the latest embedded-enabling capabilities such as headless support and flexible boot and storage options. In addition, Windows XP Embedded contains a completely redesigned tool set, called Windows Embedded Studio, which enables developers to rapidly configure, build, and deploy smart designs.

I am a developer, doing some java and assembly stuff for right now. I'm running windows XP pro on a 1ghz celeron box with 380mb ram... just for some dev stuff. Would this windows benefit me at all? What's the difference between this and plain windows xp pro?

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Windows Embedded is Windows for embedded devices. :)


The Windows Mobile operating system for PocketPCs and SmartPhones is built on Embedded. You'll also find it in cash registers, CarPCs, even SOHO routers. It it designed for devices that have hardware that doesn't change.

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I've never tried it before, and since you're lucky enough to have MSDN-AA and can download it for free legally, go ahead! It'd be interesting to post the results you get with it. :thumbup

As the description shows, it's designed for embedded systems, i.e. with limited HDD space (I believe it can run from a flash card?), memory, and CPU power. Might prove to be just an nLited XP, but worth a try anyway. B)

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