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  1. I'm building a box that is OSX86 compatible, and will be able to dual boot windows. I wanted to use windows for running dvd and video stuff, as well as a few games, but I'm not sure which OS would suit me better. I know that XP is better meant for games, but I remote desktop into my machine alot, and in Windows 2003, it gives me a separate session, rather than taking away the currently logged on session. Windows xp just switches the computer to a "switch user" screen and gives the session to the remote desktop user. Can windows xp be changed to give remote desktop users separate sessions? Also, regarding the stability of the OS's, which is more stable to use? Thanks!
  2. I have a student MSDN-AA account, and I just noticed that there's an option for "Windows Embedded". They describe it like this: I am a developer, doing some java and assembly stuff for right now. I'm running windows XP pro on a 1ghz celeron box with 380mb ram... just for some dev stuff. Would this windows benefit me at all? What's the difference between this and plain windows xp pro? Please NOW in Microsoft Windows XP section, use [TAGS] in your topic's title. See rules --Sonic
  3. After much digging I did find a DVD-RW that I could use, so I did use DVD decrypter to install Longhorn. Thanks!
  4. My friend just sent me an ISO file for Longhorn beta 4074, but the ISO is 750mb! Nero burning ROM will not allow me to burn this on a CDRW... (which is 700mb)... Any idea how I can burn this so I can give it a run? BTW, I have 2 hard drives, my primary a 30gb, and the slave is a 13gb... I'm planning on installing Longhorn to the 13gb one, and making it dual bootable. Does the setup in longhorn allow for that? Also, if I get a later build of Longhorn, can I just install that over the 13gb and still have a dual bootable system? (XP pro/longhorn) ? TIA.
  5. So what exactly can I do with media center? I'm planning to move into a college dorm room by this september, and so far what I'm thinking it could be used for is VCR/TV, easy video/pictures/music access by remote, etc... What else is so special about it?
  6. Anyone who can contribute information to be would be gladly appreciated, and I will have a guide setup for those who'd like to work with me in making your own media center PC. Feel free to email me, and there's also a gmail account up for grabs in exchange for help! =)
  7. Well I have access to a copy of it, I just havent installed it or anything yet. I just wanted to know what I was getting myself into, since I have my WindowsXP Pro system running very smoothly and skinned to my liking...
  8. Hey guys, I have a gaming level pc, but I was wondering if it would be worth it to install windows media center edition on it? Could I some how have it set up like a tivo and such? Maybe with a TV Tuner card? Would I lose any functionality (as in running programs, playing games, doing photoshop, visual studio, office... etc)? Is it even worth buying the extra tuner, remote... etc? My system specs are as follows: AMD Barton 2500+ @ 3200+ ASUS A7N8X v2 Motherboard 512mb DDR Ram 400mhz 35gb HD (Soon to change) ATI Radeon 9700 Planning on getting an ATI TV Wonder Card, as they are only $30 at bestbuy right now... Any feedback on how I could go about doing this would be wonderful. TIA.

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