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Intranet domain and ICS


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just wondering if anyone had if their were any tutorials out there on how i would go about setting up a domain for 4 computers 1 being server 2003. Im not trying to host a web site or anything just need the convenience of logging on from any computer within the domain while the server allows for ics throughout the domain.

Is this an optimal way or are their alternatives to the ICS for server 2003 ?

Would appreciate any input,

Thanx In Advance.

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You may find it easier to just pick up a Cable/DSL Router though. I used RRAS for quite some time...from the release of Windows 2000 Server up until about the time Windows Server 2003 came out. I needed to add wireless to my network so I just picked up a Linksys WRT54G wireless router and dropped RRAS...it does exactly what I need it to do. :)

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heres the deal though im currently living the republic of panama, cable and wireless dont offer any other modems than the speedtouch 330 usb model where you connect and install the drivers and your done. Not knowing much spanish doesnt help much either though. Yeah nothing would please me more than to chuck the usb deal but i would need to know whats going on behind the scenes when the usb modem connects. so far all i know is that it is RFC1483 dont know much about that any input i would definetely appreciate it. Ive never been a fan of usb connectivety for networking. But here ive had to to make due.

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hmmm in that case either install a windows server OS (or a proxy service),

or instead check your broom closet for that old IBM 80486 DX (with 16mb ram and a 100megz of diskspace) and install a linux router, there are quite a few and many also support USB modems...

// Edit

Release notes: IPCop v1.3.0 stable (dated april 2003).

* Linux 2.4 kernel and iptables support

* New supported hardware includes:

o ECI ADSL supported modems

o Alcatel Speedtouch 330 modem

* Updated software includes:

o Speedtouch 1.2beta

o Snort 2.0.0

o Super FreeS/Wan 1.99 kb2c

* Improved portforwarding interface:

o Support for port ranges

o Support for PPTP (GRE)

[*]Versionnumber: 1.3.0 stable

[*]Operating Systems: Linux, Linux x86

[*]filesize: 21,91MB

[*]Licencetype: GPL

Edited by -I-
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Hey there -I- thanx for the input yeah i had originally planned to go with smoothwall for the connection sharing but decided against it due to the banners and ads they have. This though looks very promising i will definetely give this a spin but only after i see how difficult or not it is to setup what i had questioned and how this server can handle with connection sharing. You know, knowledge is power and knowing how to do something is power. So when people ask i can respond with the answer and give some guidance on the subject. Instead of responding with the typical response of which even i am guilty of in the past when dealing with people "Get a Router Their Dirt Cheap !!" but now with my present circumstances living in the republic of panama and not knowing alot of spanish and dealing the the isp cable and wireless where they are tight lipped about anything and everything dealing with connection sharing.Im getting close though i can feel it i think their connection is tied to the mac address of the usb modem.

Anyway thanx for the input .

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