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[How To] Repack Application w/ AdminStudio


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You see msi technology is weird. I haven't quite figured it all out yet. When you install things, be it through a flat .msi file or a switchless silent installer, the install process throws some stuff in %SystemRoot%\Installer. This directory is superhidden. It appears to contain .msi files, icons for the ARP listing, and some other odd data files. What seems so strange to me though is that some of the .msi files in there seem like they were generated upon installation of an app using a switchless silent installer. Sort like a reverse process of the /a switch.

If advertising applications works for you, that's great. Unfortunately for me, even now in the year 2006, some people have been using a computer in the daily lives for over 10 years and they still don't know the difference between "Logoff" and "Shutdown" when I tell them to reboot. I see this both at my main job and at client sites. Money being spent hand over fist, but no money to properly train the employees. If I advertised applications, it would more than likely generate dozens of support calls.

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I saved this as an MHT for future reference (I did the same with the RIS guides). Thanks a bunch. :)

What's a MHT? Is there a way I can easily kind of bookmark things within msfn forums?


You have a list of the last 5 threads you visited on 'My Controls' panel. Under the list you are also able of saving some information (in text format). Maybe using it to post the link to this thread could be considered a Bookmark! :)

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