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Windows chmod 777 equivalent for Apache

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I read that you have to have XP Pro. Then I got XP Pro and followed the instructions but the web app still says CHMOD site.dat to 777.

have to have XP Pro for Apache? if you mean you have to have Pro verses Home, then you may be right, but you certainly don't have to have windows anything to run Apache. it was first developed for Unix or Linux (one of those).

you'll find the answer to your question on the Apache website (i've found it there myself a while back). sorry, don't have a link. somewhere there's a conversion table for *nix / windows permissions.

or try googling:

"security permissions" convert windows unix

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Yeah, windows normally does make all files fully read/writable - for users logged on with admin privileges.

So unless you're logging in with a limited-user account to run apache, you dont even need to bother about the chmod equivalents. And also, if you're running apache as a service, then it runs under the "system" privileges & therefore needs no special permissions to get full read/write over all files.

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