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XP 64 Games Stutters


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Well I have beena having a problem and I cant seem to find a fix for it.

I just put together a new Dual Core system and I have been having some problems playing games. Periodically through out playing these games they will pause for about 10 secounds or so. It is stuck on one frame and the sound is in a little loop.

I have been hearing about problems gaming with dual core systems on XP Sp2 but I have not seen any fixes for x64. But from how other people on Sp2 it sounds like my problem might be a little different. Maybe, maybe not.

I was wondering if anyone has any idea what is wrong with my system or if they have the same problem as I.

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If the system "hangs" like that, it may be prudent to make sure all of your drivers are the latest stable released versions from the respective vendors' sites, and that there are no known issues with the games in question running on XP 64. You may also want to try removing or disabling any antivirus applications as a test, to see if the problem could be caused by high I/O. Especially if the system comes back and continues after a hang, it's going to be a driver or high I/O issue (antivirus related). Are there any events logged in the event viewer that seem to correspond to times when the system is hung?

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Ill post my rig just to get it out of the way.

AMD Dual Core Opteron 170

eVGA 7800GT

DFI Lanparty Expert

OCZ Platinum 2x1GB

Maxtor Maxline 250GB SATA

OCZ Powerstream 520w

Well I dont have an AV so we can rule that out. However I do have an unkown device in my device manager. Im not sure what it is. Cant find any drivers it accepts.

My drivers are all up to date and are for x64, unless I mysteriously installed some whacked out drivers.

An interesting thing though, I just played CoD 2 and it didnt pause once.

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Your PSU may be the cause, you have to remember 520w is when it is running cold (say 40f), not when its actually running, its probly closer to 420w at room temp and even less when it starts running hot from power consumtion.

but before you go buy a new PSU to test it, start the game, open the windows task maneger and limit the game to only run on one core, that usually fixes it (and i can almost garantee it will fix it if your having problems with half-life, or HL2 Games), and i should tell you if this does fix the problem then you will have to do this everytime you want to play the game (i don't beleive microsoft has enabled the ability to set it by executable)


(for the unknown drivers i would suggest unpacking you MB driver pack and try installing those drivers as its probly something like front USB ports or something)

also have you tested the games in WIN32 instead of X64?, though if you haven't i would trully try the above noted suggestion.

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Hrmm, i was tempted to start a new post, anyway, this is my computer

intel 945chipset with P4 820

1gig dual channel ddr 2

x800GT (kinda regreat buying that, but after reading this thread maybe its the dual-core-ness?)

anyway, i'm finding the opposite, i bought need for speed most wanted a couple of days ago

32 bit windows, whatever settings i put it on graphically, i get little stutters in the gameplay, only brief, but its enough to be annoying, like a jump every few seconds it seems to jump a few frames? not sure what it is exactly, but its enough to annoy me, considering i haven't had this computer long, so i tried it in xp64, no stutters/jumps, and can with everything turned onto full expect shadows, the game is fully playable (in 32 bit shadows made it quite bad, not as bad in 64 but still annoying)

now after reading articles on the internet, games always seem to be around the same fps, or 10% less, so now i'm confused, i just read that sometimes the dual core messes games up, i haven't tried setting it to one processor but i will now.

p.s. have all the latest drivers, expect for the 64bit as if i install the latest intel drivers my computer won't start (brilliant!)

so anyways, maybe its a similar problem?

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hey, somewhat similar system as mine, you need a dual core patch that amd has made


btw, this is not a 64bit problem, its a dual core problem. the game only supports single core and keeps jumping between cores.

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well I thought it might not work since i've got an intel chip, but tried anyway and told me you need an athlon64, i'll have a look around the intel site see if theres anything there.

btw, the problem isn't as bad in xp64 but quite unplayable in xp32

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This information might come in handy- ripken is right. It is not an OS problem or a weird driver problem. It is indeed because of the dual core processor. I almost threw my box out the window until I came upon this thread. This has multiple fixes for your dual core gaming woes. I am certain that these fixes work in Windows XP x32, however, I have just installed x64, and am having problems after trying the methods out. Good luck to anyone having this problem.

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