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2 modems are better than 1


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My Computer:

Dell Dimension 4100 [intel D815EEA]

Pentium III 933 MHz [GPQD801]

OS: Windows 98SE + SP 2.1a

Slot 5: USR5660A [MODEM]

Slot 4: Audigy SB0090 [AUDIO]

Slot 3: N/A [NETWORK]

Slot 2: N/A [DVD]

Slot 1: N/A [NIC]

AGP 4x: Radeon 8500 64MB

I have another USR5660A that I would like to plug into my PC. I have two seperate phone lines available.

Is there a way either through software or hardware to get two modems to work together making my network throughput 112K (56K+56K) ?

Which slot would make sense to place another modem?

I can only select one modem for my ISP connection.

Just something to think about .... maybe someone else has tried this perhaps.

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Why not get DSL? It would be cheaper than 2 phone lines.
Not when the 2 phone lines are free and which also provides ... 2 phone lines.

Besides, that isn't a solution to the original question.

Based on the number of views, I have a feeling a lot of others have the same idea, just without the knowledge base of how to achieve the results.

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It may be possible, but from a hardware point of view you still wont get 112k from the two modems.

Firstly you have to overcom ethe two modems conflicting with each other in wondows (so you have to manyually set up the IRQ's).

Secondly you have to find software that will manage both modems (i would suggest setting up one for downlaod one for upload kinda senario).

Thirdly, as someone who is from an Electronics background i will tell you that ypu dont get 56k from a 56k modem (v90 or v92 protocol), you get something close to 48k max (due to handshaking etc with the exchange)

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Been there.....Done that, and got the bill for double connection from my ISP. :whistle:

It sort'a worked but not the way I thought it would. When I found out that my ISP was billing me an extra dollar evey time I connected I promptly quit doing that. I doubt that there are many ISP's that support double logon and would do it for FREE.

The download speeds weren't really twice the single modem speed and it was eating up system resources like crazy.

Didn't anyone ever tell you that slot #2 was the recognized slot for a phone modem?

Well, it is. IRQ wise, that's the best place to put your (one) modem.

It will work better there and you'll have fewer IRQ problems.

If your modem is a "Win" modem, you're crapping in your own nest anyway.

Only a hardware modem will give you top performance without hogging CPU time, RAM and other system resources. A Win modem is dumb and must be run every step of the way, by your CPU.

Good Luck and Happy New Year,


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Open up the properties for you connection. There is "Multilink" tab there, just add your second modem and see what happens. You may need an additional account for your ISP (not sure about this since i've not tried it myself)

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