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Setup parameter missing or invalid


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My unattended setup is interrupted by the following.


I hit ok, then get this screen


and my winnt.sif is


Autopartition = 0
MsDosInitiated = 0
UnattendedInstall = Yes

UnattendMode = FullUnattended
UnattendSwitch = Yes
OemPreinstall = Yes
OemSkipEula = Yes
FileSystem = *
WaitForReboot = No
NoWaitAfterTextMode = 1
NoWaitAfterGUIMode = 1
DriverSigningPolicy = Ignore
NonDriverSigningPolicy = Ignore
Hibernation = No

Xresolution = 1280
Yresolution = 1024
BitsPerPel = 32
Vrefresh = 60


AutoLogon = Yes
EncryptedAdminPassword = No
TimeZone = 035
OEMSkipRegional = 1
OemSkipWelcome = 1


ComputerName = Xxxx
FullName = "Xxxx Xxxx"
OrgName = "Xxxx Inc."

LanguageGroup = 1
SystemLocale = 00000409
UserLocale = 00000409
InputLocale = 0409:00000409

InstallDefaultComponents = Yes

Profiles = WindowsFirewall.TurnOffFirewall

Mode = 0

JoinWorkgroup = SYSNET

CustomDefaultThemeFile = "%WinDir%\Resources\Themes\Royale.Theme"


I do not want an admin password. Any ideas what is wrong?

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Well... There's a contradiction in your setup, which you already stated yourself:

AutoLogon = Yes
AdminPassword =

AutoLogon logs on the admin user, but you should have a password, else it won't log on. Also, it's strongly recommended to set an admin password. Use 'admin' as password if you have to. But set SOMETHING!

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AdminPassword =

was not in there. I accidentally posted teh winnt.sif i was playing with when trying to find the problem. I could try removing AutoLogon = Yes and adding AdminPassword = XXxxXX


I have tried it with AdminPassword = XXXX, AutoLogon = Yes, and with neither. Every time I get same results. Any more ideas?

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