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XPize 4.2 BETA 2


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I am having one problem , Dont know wether i noticed it today or wether it has happened just !!!

My shutdown dialog is Xp default but my logoff dialog is royale colored!!

I did not choose Msgina.dll or as in the beta 2 the shutdown and logoff dialogs in Extras!!!

It was all done on a clean install of XP

Those resources are in shell32.dll. I will try to separate them from normal resources in 4.2 final.

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I've got a bit of a problem, My user accounts doesnt seem to want to open :| No error or anything when I click on it I've tried going to run and typeing : nusrmgr.cpl doesnt seem to wanna open (I've also tried running reloader) Oh and Xpero you where right I install xpize 4.2 b2 without changes the boxes and no colour problems.


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