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Additional Windows 2000 Hotfixes


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Tomcat, great job with the updates.

I have 3 Windows 2000 updates not included in your list. Not sure if these updates have been superseded by other updates.

1. KB840987


Described in Security Bulletin MS04-032


2. KB885834


Described in Security Bulletin MS05-010


3. KB890859


Described in Security Bulletin MS05-018


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Hmm... Now that I checked every bulletin, KB893066 (Vulnerabilities in TCP/IP) is supposed to be in the Update Rollup too.

I'm going to try a slipstream without KB893066. What makes me doubt is that the Update Rollup doesn't mention which version of KB893066 is being replaced...

Release dates:

KB893066 v2: June 14, 2005

Update Rollup 1 v1: June 28, 2005

Update Rollup 1 v2: September 13, 2005

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I've compared the rollup and the 893066 binaries. 893066v2 is NOT included in the Update Rollup, at least not v2. That is why it's still on my list.
I made a SLIP just a while ago without KB893066 v2, and Windows Update didn't complain. Did you compare with Update Rullup 1 v2?
Check this out:


You can't download the hotfixes.

Works for me...
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Hi guys,

This is my first posting here on MSFN. Thanks for all the great work.

I just made a Windows 2000 slipstream without 893066v2 and nothing complained that it was missing. So I decided to do some investigation. (You guys have likely already done this, but I couldn't find this info anywhere, so here it is.)

SP4 already includes these files:

msafd.dll 5.0.2195.6602

tdi.sys 5.0.2195.6655

wshtcpip.dll 5.0.2195.6601

Update Rollup 1 (891861v2) takes care of the remaining two:

afd.sys is actually newer (5.0.2195.7036 vs 5.0.2195.6687)

tcpip.sys is the same (5.0.2195.7049)

So I think you can safely remove 893066v2 from your list of hotfixes needed for Windows 2000.

-- graham

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