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Help with HD Audio drivers

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Integrate kb888111 then install windows and if you don't have any audio device in device manager then it's a hardware problem!

why do you integrate it to windows ???

imho its such better then all other methods if you extract the kb888111 package

and add to the oempnpdriverspath.

please add only commonfiles, the winxpsp2 directory which portcls.sys included is not needed when you have a sp2 disc.

first, its dont took extra space (file is in svcpack and extracted file(s) on root of the disc)

second, it must change some inf files.

so looks my oempnpdriverspath:



in /drivers/hdaudio is the kb888111 extracted package and in source are the needed hdaudio drivers.

this is the best way to add hdaudio device drivers !!! :thumbup

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Just a personal remark, but could it be inherent at the problem of XP and HD audio chips?

Windows X64 recognize my AD1986a HD audio chip direct after the reboot after installing SP2. I've no problems at all, but:

1? Windows XP 32-bit should recognize much more devices than his 64-bit competetor. In my case, Windows X64 recognizes much more on my machine than 32-bit XP. Why?

2? Why is this fix not available on X64 versions? Don't they face the same problem or possibly not? I don't know. I guess!

3? Tried alternative drivers from the site of realtek himself or another FPP drivers?

4? Does anyone here have problems with the PCI to ISA bridge? This is an issue in Vista with much ASUS mainboards.

To figure out it is not a hardware related issue, download the trial Windows X64 version en if you still encounter problems; hardware related. Why? Because it should be working fine withoud hitches or whatever.

*Is searching:

Check this out. It is in Dutch, but use the link below


These drivers should be fine because all of these HD chips came from the same factory. Give it a try?

Never give up guys ;)

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