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    i've also tested it but i will test it again on xp machine. thanks again and have a nice patch-day
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    but search updates via 'search > windows update' didn't work ? can you please try to search windows updates with build-in windows updates and tell me how many updates you get. thanks
  3. easy


    strange and what about the updates, are you able to download the updates or such an entry in the menu ? Thank you very much for reporting the error @Kullenen_Ask Thank you very much and greetings from Austria
  4. A long time ago (2008) I've created two tools for Windows XP for integrate Windows Updates into XPCD http://www.msfn.org/board/topic/117189-windows-xp-service-pack-3-integration/ http://www.msfn.org/board/topic/140031-windows-xp-hotfix-integration-tool-wsp4-112009 And now, I present you my new creation  Since there was no SP2 for Windows Seven yet i started my own Project named WindowsPatchLoader. I know there are a couple of tools that do the same job. BUT i wanted my own tool. I wanted just "re-invent the wheel". All Updates you download are from Microsoft. [Windows Update Method] windowsupdate method is like Windows Update and it's always up-to-date, depends which Microsoft Software/Update you are currently installed. I'm getting the Updates/Urls from Windows Update. Hotfixes are not stored anywhere. [Other Update Method (from Wsusscn2.cab] There is also an alternate method to getting Updates for other systems while i am not able to scan other systems than installed one. Wherein i used text-files on my server to save all urls from wsusscn2.cab. All urls are also from Microsoft. These files are updated weekly. This Method was my first idea before beginning to write this tool. As well as Windows Update too hotfixes are not stored anywhere. But i do not recommend this Method while wsusscn2.cab does not contains all Updates. There are only "critical" and "security relevant" updates. [Filter] Downloaded Updates Broken Updates Filter .cab and .exe files [Export] Download Links: to export all download links Superseded: to export superseded updates [updates Cleanup] creates new folder with newest updates [Categorized Patches] downloadeded patches will be copied in categorized folders with newest updates you must to put all updates in same folder. [Exclude] to exclude selected updates [KB Support] to get more Information about selected update on Microsoft Knowledge Base [import/Export Update List] you are able to safe update lists support for Windows Hotfix Downloader Update List [Tools] Nvidia Driver: prepare nvidia files for integration MSU->CAB: extract msu files for integration EXE -> CAB: extract i.e. Internet Explorer for integration CAB -> MSP: extract cab files to msp (office updates) [integrate] you are able to integrate updates to windows dvd. This Tool requires DotNetFramework changelog: v1.0.14 add cab to msp (outlook updates) minor fixes changelog: v1.0.12 new: import/export update lists minor gui changes Download WindowsPatchLoader v1.0.14 WindowsPatchLoader2.0.exe (compiled with DotNetFramework 2.0) MD5 288fc9578bc8bdca17c8b74600ca4eda SHA1 1581867ab5898c33196087e81f94167fa33d1a4d SHA256 77700b359eb8ab76b27cf60ee0eeab4feff565f20b286353c4e950569a3a353b WindowsPatchLoader.exe (compiled with DotNetFramework 4.0) MD5 25eb6f34b4a26b1853e911c8e11aae94 SHA1 09117e106be501190f3889fba97e61a826787cdf SHA256 2bd02547f148a77a520ad07a48becf81b328b3dd2dc6a50e08976d6ed98c7862
  5. @g-force: i've read your posting. yes, this tool was written originally in german and converted to english while giving to english speaking people. i'm from austria @Vospers: this tool includes all of updates until 11/2009. you dont need to download update list. i want to show which updates/hotfixes get slipstreamed with this tool. in future this tool would download update lists from a server and slipstream. i'm planning how i integrate downloaded update lists to this little tool and also how it looks like. @-x- you're right. the update replaced the security updates. but for me its simple to integrate all the updates appeared in windows update. its even difficult when i check the replacements ... i am also working with the bulletins and check the right version (xp/sp3) which method are you providing to integrate updates ? i use the /integrate method. greetz
  6. hi -x-, maybe it can replace some updates but those updates has been appeared while i have installed windows xp sp3 from scratch. and i want to get stable version with hotfixes. now i can experimental a little bit. some notes for svcpack method. which method are you provide? what is your recommends about that. please note the restrictions of batch scripting hi cox, i'm very happy to see country mens here. you're welcome greetz from vorarlberg
  7. thx for using it. which part are you interesting in. maybe i can help you. this tool is based on cmd batch scripting. with a tool converted to .exe file. here are the tools i use. except wget.exe all the other comes from microsoft and is available on their website. the links for updates are above. this updates appear when you install windows xp w/sp3 from scratch. with a good idea you also know how is be making. btt: i'm not developer in c/c++ or else. this tool is just a batch scripting. maybe you can show me how i code in c++ greetz
  8. please continue from here http://www.msfn.org/board/windows-xp-hotfi...09-t140031.html
  9. i have decided to post part of the source code cdrom.vbs (to detect the cdrom drivers) ========================== wget can be found at http://www.gnu.org/software/wget/ regards update_enu.txt updates_deu.txt updates_trk.txt cdburn.rar cdimage.rar CDR.rar sleep.rar winxpboot.rar symbol.rar win.rar
  10. Windows XP Hotfix Integration Tool w/SP4 - 11/2009 this tool integrates all the updates since SP3 released automatically. you must only insert your windows xp cd and lean back while its doing all the needed things automatically. finally you get burned windows xp sp4 disk with updates since today. the latest hotfixes since service pack 3 downloaded to C:\SLPSTRM\HOTFIXES for english speaking people who has english versions of xp Hotfix Integration Tool English for german speaking people who has german versions of xp Hotfix Integration Tool German for those who has turkish versions of xp (the dialogs written in english) Hotfix Integration Tool Turkish ps: selfmade tool greetz from austria
  11. hi @ll, this tool is only for integrating sp3 into windowsxp-cd. its not for including some drivers. thx for using this tool. i'm working on new app that includes newest updates. regards easy
  12. what i want to know, if you install xp w/sp3, displays you the windows update above updates in english ? and is there any update that not in the list ? i can change the url in english but i dont know which updates to be missing and which updates must removed from the german version. thx. hope it clear yet
  13. hi, i don't have englisch media of windows xp. i have only german media and i don't know if there are differences. AFAIK it could be some differences , let's see
  14. hi, thx but this iso-images includes all patches for that month in all languages and systems
  15. hi ponch. sorry, i need the KB names of patches the url to kb bulletin or download site will great
  16. hi, could you do me a favour ? i need all patches (KB names) that cames out after sp3. i beg you to install windows xp w/sp3 (home, pro) again and be sure thats not nlited or modified,... i'm to be glad, if the source not from hp, dell. the reason why i open this thread is ... to maintain a list which only the newest updates in this thread. i won't and i think most of you won't integrate replaced/old updates to winxp source. what i want to do is, integrate only the newest updates to my source. this thread should displays only the newest updates, so the people knows which updates are needed after installation. next month if some updates gets replaced or added i will create a new one ! - not putting simple the january updates to december list. while i haven't english version of xp here is a list of german updates if you install professional from scratch. what i want to know, is there any changes like timezone to the german one ? -- german security updates which can be integrated with /integrate switch -- date: 17.12.2008 =========== KB956391 http://download.microsoft.com/download/7/5...391-x86-DEU.exe KB958215 http://download.microsoft.com/download/C/6...215-x86-DEU.exe KB951066 http://download.microsoft.com/download/2/8...066-x86-DEU.exe KB938464 http://download.microsoft.com/download/0/9...464-x86-DEU.exe KB946648 http://download.microsoft.com/download/f/4...648-x86-DEU.exe KB950762 http://download.microsoft.com/download/b/a...762-x86-DEU.exe KB950974 http://download.microsoft.com/download/6/d...974-x86-DEU.exe KB951376 http://download.microsoft.com/download/2/7...-v2-x86-DEU.exe KB951698 http://download.microsoft.com/download/b/e...698-x86-DEU.exe KB952954 http://download.microsoft.com/download/5/0...954-x86-DEU.exe KB954211 http://download.microsoft.com/download/b/9...211-x86-DEU.exe KB954600 http://download.microsoft.com/download/A/3...600-x86-DEU.exe KB955069 http://download.microsoft.com/download/f/5...069-x86-DEU.exe KB956802 http://download.microsoft.com/download/0/7...802-x86-DEU.exe KB956803 http://download.microsoft.com/download/f/b...803-x86-DEU.exe KB956841 http://download.microsoft.com/download/b/2...841-x86-DEU.exe KB957095 http://download.microsoft.com/download/a/5...095-x86-DEU.exe KB957097 http://download.microsoft.com/download/c/2...097-x86-DEU.exe KB958644 http://download.microsoft.com/download/9/3...644-x86-DEU.exe KB952069 http://download.microsoft.com/download/A/1...069-x86-DEU.exe flash player and msxml has not /integrate switch, update typ 2 // flash player KB923789 http://download.microsoft.com/download/f/f...789-x86-DEU.exe // MSXML KB954459 http://download.microsoft.com/download/5/c...459-deu-x86.exe to be continued ...
  17. hi, i have made from xp cd the same face (surface) with lightscribe, my question is, it is legal to sell this media to another ? its only the surface, there's no software in it. here is an image. what do you think about that ?
  18. i'm back i have create a new version of this tool. ... but i have bad news to english speaking people first of all i need your help so i make an update-list of english hotfixes. then, this tool looks for an update list from my server and download/integrate the newest updates from microsoft website (automatically) i 've just created for the german language so i need an actual update list for the english windows xp. at the moment there's only hotfixes and no updates included. @forum what about the idea of putting newest update lists for xp (2003,...) ? i mean the updates when installing xp from scratch. not the old and replaced ones. e.g: (german) greetz
  19. after i tried many times, i couldn't integrate the ie7 and wmp11 completely. i get always wmdrmsdk.dll error. i've used the sereby's wmp11 files. the same with ie7. it cannot integrate properly. must i use the runonceex after installation ? thx
  20. i will try it, thx. with this tool i wanted to get original sp3 disk. i will make a new one with the latest updates. i will put a list of sp4 updates on my server, so you dont need download the tool every month.
  21. hi firegeier, i have seen now your vista integration batch tool. i will try it, thx. this tool needs some improvements, here a some tips from me first, this tool must run after extraction the starting batch. then ..., you dont need all this stuff, you must only optimize it if you put %copy%=="true" goto dvdkopieren then you must not put if %copy%=="false". put only goto nichtkopieren a little code from my batch you must add more errorlevel's instead of set what would be if there are reading errors of dvd ? (not detecting of dvd drive) if you put "errorlevel" after copy line then i'm sure that all the files are copied. you can run my tool and during copy from cd just eject the xp cd it would automatically break the process http://www.msfn.org/board/Windows-XP-Servi...on-t117189.html regards easy greetz from austria
  22. hi, did you tried my tool ? i dont know how it works on mce but you may just try it. this version has no os check download windows xp integration v4.0 greetz from austria

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