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5259 Setup?


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The leaked 5259 was not the TAP build. It was an internal build that never should have left MS. There is another 5259 that was released to TAP.

Your wrong, here is a quote from the newsgroups

so that you understand that 5259 was not released to this techbeta program,

but to selected TAP partners only and that 5259 leaking beyond that small

group is a very sore point with these techbeta testers and with Microsoft.

If you are in such a TAP program you will have been provided a channel for

discussing it. This isn't it.

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There are quite of few bugs with build 5259. Dual boot was one of them. When installing 5259 on a machine that has XP SP2, the installation tries to copy system files to the primary partition (even if there is an OS already there!). On reboot, the system displays an installation error, and then you have to manually fix the MBR and boot sectors. This was one of the main reasons that 5259 was not released as a CTP build.

And the December CTP will be 5270.




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