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  1. I'm stuck on the old generation barton core so I can't even enjoy this, but I must say I would have gotten one if I had been in any position to upgrade.
  2. I got flamed for even posting my opinion on that "other" tech forum, you know the big one. Anyway, I think that Diskeeper 10 really takes the cake now. They improved the interface, they added some new technology (I-FAAST, dumb name, but it's certainly sped my computer up so far using it) so it's got pretty much everything PerfectDisk does, which in my opinion, is the other really good defragger.
  3. Good. Although Firefox 1.5 has fixed many of the things I hated about it, I'd still prefer to be using IE, so I'm hopeful that IE 7 Beta 2 will be super functional when it is released. Not sure I can give up extensions tho.
  4. CPower

    5259 Setup?

    Yes, this is true, If I were you I'd wait until build 5276 (The December CTP) is released in a week or so. It'll be probably quite a bit more stable for your use/testing than the TAP build.
  5. Hi everyone ! I'm CPower and I work as a Web Developer and System Administrator using MSFT technologies ! I'm a dis-affectee from a certain other, very large, tech forum that doesn't respect its long term members. Some of you I can already recognize from there... but you don't know me ! So I decided to leave and bring my friendliness, experience and wisdom to this forum ! Let's hope this experience is a happier one for everyone involved !

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