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  1. There are quite of few bugs with build 5259. Dual boot was one of them. When installing 5259 on a machine that has XP SP2, the installation tries to copy system files to the primary partition (even if there is an OS already there!). On reboot, the system displays an installation error, and then you have to manually fix the MBR and boot sectors. This was one of the main reasons that 5259 was not released as a CTP build. And the December CTP will be 5270. Cheers. JBC2005
  2. Is the video integrated onto the motherboard? Is it PCI or AGP? JBC2005
  3. I have XP running on the laptop now (using another laptop to format the drive and copying I386 to it was a pain in the a**) . I have a larger HDD on order, and I just thought it would be easier to copy the files to the drive over a network. The laptop does not have a built in NIC, nor does it have an internal modem. And, you're right. I can't find dos drivers for a wireless PCMCIA card. I'll just hook up the drive to the other laptop (only a P166, but at least it has a CD drive! ) and copy the I386 folder to it and install XP that way! Thanks very much for your help. Hope I can return the favor! JBC2005
  4. Great forum! I have a question I hope someone can answer. I have a laptop (NEC Versa 6230) that doesn't have an operating system or a CDROM drive (it does have a floppy). I also have a Linksys WPC11 wireless network card. My question is this : how can I install Windows XP onto the laptop from my PC (connected to a network via wireless router)? Any help would be appreciated. Thanks JBC2005 Title Edited - Please follow new posting rules from now on. --Zxian

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