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Project Codename: SOURCE Looking for more members

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Project Position Openings


Codename: SOURCE has been in the works for about a month now, and is now looking to expand

its team to more members to get this project done faster.

We are looking for members who can do one or more of the following which is needed to

top off Beta 1

(We wish to stick with the professional(ism) as Windows Vista / Longhorn, However

use our own ideas and theme(s).

Logonui Editor(s): Create a professional looking Logonui userlogin file strictly for Codename:


Bootscreen Editor(s): Create a working Bootscreen for Codename: SOURCE

Theme Designers: Create themes for SOURCE (3 prefered before release).

(Perfer Editing of Default XP themes (Default, Olive, and Silver, to remove these, and make

XP has eliminated as possible).

Start button ideas are to change windows logo to our SOURCE one, change Start to SOURCE, and

/or remove wording all together for start button. (Each theme can be different of these options

to keep things unique.)

Wallpaper Designer(s): Create SOURCE wallpapers.

Compiler(s): Make all these options usable for a CD, (Creating scripts, etc)

Webdesigner(s): Create the SOURCE website, same theme prefered as themes used in SOURCE. Cpanel

included on web server.

Graphic Designers: Create SOURCE graphics to add to .dlls, .cpl, etc. Icon Designers needed as well.

Icons prefered to be (Professional to Vista)

Staff get their own e-mail addresses when joined, which is accessable via cpanel through our website.

Team is as follows:

EMAC (Project Leader / Coding / Graphics)

Root (Project Co-leader / Coding)

Raven (Installation Designer / Coding)

Flare (Mirror / Hosting Provider / 90Petabyte server)

Ryan (Mirror Provider)

Under_t4k3r (Graphics GUI / Compiling)

Strake (Beta Tester)

mep (Beta Tester)

Please send applications to emac@xer0n.org

or visit via mIRC Chat Client (irc.spnetwork.org Channel: #winsource)

Members prefered to download mIRC so everyone keeps communication and know what the others are


Each member will receive credits for their part of the work individually.



Codename: SOURCE

Project Leader

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let me get this strait...you want applications, graphics and other things for a projet you lead, code and design??

What wil your job be exactly? Whats the project is like to be?

I hope you solved your problem adding registry settings to a unattended install by then ;):blushing:;)

I have read over here, but not 100% knowledgable yet.

How exactly do I add registery tweaks to my unattended installation of windows xp sp2, so when windows is installing, these registery tweaks are installed as well (aka, Loginui.exe)

Is there a way for all of this to install during windows installation to where when I first see my desktop, the changes are already there?



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