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.Net 2.0 Beta vs 1.1?


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Hello everyone,

I am not sure what to do with the following problem:

Programs that require .Net 1.1 will not install when I install 2.0 beta, and some software requiring 2.0 won't install when installing 1.1

I have not tried yet to install both, but wonder if that is the solution? Or will version 2 cancel out 1.1????

Why does .Net 2.0 not cover programs requiring version 1.1???



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Are you talking about beta 2.0 or final .NET Framework 2.0 which was released lately.

Yes I too have found some backward compatibilities problems with .Net 2, like Wincolor would still search and download net framework 1.1 even if you have installed ver 2.0 Strange!

Certainly there exist some problems of each program loving only a particular ver of dotnet framework.

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The latest non-beta version of Notebook Hardware Control (aka Centrino Hardware Control) will not install unless .NET 1.1 is installed, regardless of whether .NET 2.0 is present.

It looks like you'll probably want both for the time being.

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