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WinPE + RAID Drivers via winpeoem.sif


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Like the topic title says i'm trying to integrate RAID drivers into WinPE.

The controller I want to add is the Intel ICH6R, sata (on the Asus P5GD1 Pro)

After doing some research and reading trough the Windows PE manual it should be quiet easy, what I did was the following:

1. Copy the F6 floppy install files to "\I386\SYSTEM32\ICH6"

2. Edit I386\SYSTEM32\WINPEOEM.SIF this way:


I removed all the other crap out of winpeoem.sif

This is what the manual says to do, so quiet easy.

So I created a RAID1 volume within the controller and boot the new created WinPE CD. It sees the HD and formats it (where I got a red cross before, it gives a green V now ;). The next steps it does is like normal, activate the network card, connect to the server and preloads :-)

After this is done it reboots and you see the XP setup screen (which you try to install). Here it quickly loads all drivers like a normal Windows XP CD does in the beginning. At the end of this screen it gives a nice blue screen with the error "Stop 0x0000007B". According to this KB (http://support.microsoft.com/default.aspx?scid=kb;en-us;324103) it has to do with the Device Drivers. So it looks like it's not loading the drivers in the Windows XP setup but it does in WinPE.

The Windows XP setup is on the HD though, since WinPE copies the whole image from the server to the HD, and then reboots and continues. Strange thing is that it looks like the loaded XP setup on HD want the drivers served another way since this is just a xp setup loaded from HD.

Looks like i'm doing nothing wrong and this driver simply won't work. But I hope any of you has a solution or sees what I forget.

Any reference material:



; WinPE OEM driver list

signature="$Windows NT$"

; Use this section to replace the inbox driver
; list with your own files
;mydriver = mydriver.sys

; Use this section to append non-pnp drivers to
; the list of the drivers already present
; in the inbox
;mydriver = mydriver.sys

; Use this section to load pnp/non-pnp oem drivers
; in addition to the inbox driver list
; OemDriverRoot : Indicates the path relative to
; the system directory of WinPE. If
; none, then specify ""
; OemDriverDirs : Specifies series of directories separated
; by comma. Each specified directory has the
; txtsetup.oem which has the information on
; what driver to load.
; e.g. OemDriverRoot = "" and OemDriverDirs = drv1, drv2
; indicates to the WinPE that under WinPE's system32 directory
; there are two directories named drv1 and drv2. Each of these
; directories contain txtsetup.oem file which lists which
; driver to load

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Here is a sample unattent.txt for a Compaq/HP Smart Array.

You will need to do the same for your SATA card.


"Smart Array 5300 Controller"=OEM

"Smart Array 5i, 532, 5312 Controllers"=OEM

"Smart Array 6i, 641, 642, 6400 EM, 6400 Controllers"=OEM





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I got it working !

In the unattend.txt I simply added this, like ChrisBaksa said. Thanks mate !


[MassStorageDrivers]"IDE CD-ROM (ATAPI 1.2)/PCI IDE Controller" = "RETAIL"

"Intel® 82801FR SATA RAID Controller (Desktop ICH6R)" = OEM

"Intel® 82801FR SATA AHCI Controller (Desktop ICH6R)" = OEM

"Intel® 82801FBM SATA AHCI Controller (Mobile ICH6M)" = OEM

"Intel® 82801ER SATA RAID Controller (Desktop ICH5R)" = OEM

"Intel® 6300ESB SATA RAID Controller" = OEM

"ULi SATA Controller (M5287, Windows XP/Server 2003)" = OEM












This ""IDE CD-ROM (ATAPI 1.2)/PCI IDE Controller" = "RETAIL"" so it will still work with inbox controllers.

[OEMBootFiles] are in $OEM$\Textmode

Peace of cake ! Thanks for the help all !

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I got it working !

In the unattend.txt I simply added this, like ChrisBaksa said. Thanks mate !

This ""IDE CD-ROM (ATAPI 1.2)/PCI IDE Controller" = "RETAIL"" so it will still work with inbox controllers.

No problem...

Yes... Because you are specifying controllers you must specify any that you are using.

IDE is a default.


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This post helped me get my HP dc7700 working with the dual 80 GB drives mirrored. I had tried various methods, even some given to me by contacts over at HP and the only thing that worked for me was pressing F6 when WINPE was booting up.

I downloaded latest the F6 boot drivers from Intel (STOR_F6FLPY32_6.2.1.1002_PV.EXE), copied them to my WINPE System32 in a directory called IntelSata. I edited the WINPEOEM.SIF as indicated above and *poof*, I'm back in business.



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