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  1. This post was helpful to me when cooking my last Windows XP image. I put all possbile hardware drivers in with my XP SP2 as well as all the software my company had for XP. The final ghost image plus WINPE was 4 GB. No matter what I did, I could not get WINPE 2005 to boot. For kicks I tried WINPE 2.0 and it couldn't handle it either. I trimmed it down to 3.95 GB and *poof*, now it works. To clarify the -m switch is all that is required with the oscdimg.exe to create the DVD iso.
  2. Aaaaaahhh... This post helped me get my HP dc7700 working with the dual 80 GB drives mirrored. I had tried various methods, even some given to me by contacts over at HP and the only thing that worked for me was pressing F6 when WINPE was booting up. I downloaded latest the F6 boot drivers from Intel (STOR_F6FLPY32_6.2.1.1002_PV.EXE), copied them to my WINPE System32 in a directory called IntelSata. I edited the WINPEOEM.SIF as indicated above and *poof*, I'm back in business. Thanks!!! Joel

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