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Hi everyone

Are you sharing your silent installs? or CD images of your custom build XP/whatver installs?

on DC++, Torrent? etc? if that's allowed here?

If that's not allowed, would people share there install configuration files (like ini's, cmd, etc?)

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we are sharing only experiences... nothing else.

because it's piracy to share cds,softwares...

(only freewares could be shared).

try to do yourself,it's the best way :thumbup

and in the forum,everybody "share" autoit scripts,cmd... just read or ask

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SHARING IS FUN !!!! :thumbup

Sorry, feeling sarcastic this morning, no meanness intended. I have to add I can't thank enough people on here for all that I've learned. I've got my unattend working well, and learned more than I ever thought I would about windows from this site.

I still have yet to ask a single question. No bragging intended, I'm just really stubborn when it comes to asking for help when I'm stuck on something (usually my problem is having a "5" where I'm supposed to have "%")

Doing everything by yourself is definetely the way to go, when problems arise they are easier to solve when you have done everything else. Cutting and pasting scripts is good when you already understand what you are doing.

I have to say thanks again, and good luck to you xtentic. It's a great feeling when you spend hours trying to do something and finally get it working.

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