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Nforce3 Problem


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Hi all,

I've got a really strange problem with my XP box......i was wondering if you can help. After a clean install of XP SP2, I install the newly downloaded Nforce 3 package from Nvidia and restart as requested.

Then the problem.....

It restarts but gets to where the Windows XP logo should show (you know the one, with the moving blue bar etc...) and does nothing......stays there....forever.... :blink:

I can however, restart in safe mode ok. :thumbup

Ive reformatted and installed each device marked in yellow from device manager manually by unpacking the .exe file with no problems....

I say no problems, other than it running like a bag of spanners! I did notice however that during he 'manual' install it does not require many of the included drivers, audio util, memctrlr etc....

Any ideas? :}

Thanks alot,


(a now very experienced HD formatter!!!)

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when using, nforces new drivers,

I normally install 5.10 WHQL drivers from nvidias website

then update to the newest ones.

This makes sure all drivers are installed.

does this mean I am obi-wan now?

I use these. Are these the newest ones you are talking about?



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Hello, thanks for prompt reply!

I use these: http://www.nvidia.com/object/nforce_udp_winxp_5.10.html

A brief breakdown of system spec may be appropriate too....

3300+ AMD Sempron 754

Abit NF8

1024 Kingston RAM 400

80 GB Master

160 GB Slave


Geforce 4 Ti4200 128mb

So, you say install an older version of NForce3 drivers then update with newer??

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Everything is brand new, CPU is running at stock 2.0ghz, and so is RAM.

Motherboard has latest BIOS and temps are showing OK.

I just cant figure it out, if I had a hardware failure, would it not affect the system even if I did a manual install of the drivers??

I though in doing a manual install I would be able to fault find the problem, but as I said in earlier post, I have no other devices to install in Device manager....

anyone else?!


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GART is driver for AGP bus ... it allow graphic card to use hardware acceleration and direct access memory .. if you don't install it the graphic perfs will be poor ...

For disable complete DEP you must replace /noexecute=optin by /noexecute=alwaysoff ... in C:\boot.ini

Try to reload default bios configurations too ...

Try to install a fresh windows xp sp2 install without anything and isntall a repackaged drivers for nforce3


and install nforce3 prior to other drivers !! never graphic before motherboard drivers ...


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