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ISO is to Big to Burn


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I downloaded all the Windows XP updates and put them in the corrected folders. When I run XPCREATE.CMD, it seems to run ok, but the ISO that gets created is about 740MB. Two big to burn on a CD. Any Ideas on what I might be doing wrong or could do differently?

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I'd recommend slipstreaming updates, instead of putting exe's on an ISO, thats just wasted space and time. Everytime you install it will need to go thru the process of replacing files over and over, especially with some patches having duplicate files, then theres SFC updating itself during this whole process.

HFSlip, NLite, etc.

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My answer is not the right answer what you want hear, I know. But I recommend you to buy a DVD-RW DL support drive. We can buy a DL drive about 70US$ in Japan though I don't how much is a drive in the US. Win XP files are getting big and big due to update files. Windows Vista may also become big one. (I know the beta version is not so big at this moment)

In my case, I merged XPCREATE and WPI, then the image size becomes 8GB. Only DL can support till 8.5GB, today.

If you need to use CD-ROM, the best way is nLite, I think. You can delete some useless files from Win XP.

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Remove the following directories from xp source.






If you use a cd as your source copy to a directory on your hd & delete above directories then amend xpcreates ini to point to this directory.

this works for me.


Colin Bate

PS this wont work if you use your disk for upgrade from earlier OS I think you will find that most people would recomend a clean install any way.

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