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Problem with sharing Outlook .pst file

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Hello everybody!

I have some problem with sharing file 'outlook.pst' in little corporate LAN.

I use this configuration for e-mails:

- LAN is formed from 5 PCs and its Peer-to-peer

- one PC is used as "E-mail server" and it shares file 'outlook.pst' with other Outlooks on other PCs

- so every Outlook uses the same PST file

- some PCs have installed Outlook 2000 and some Outlook 2003

Everything was allright till yesterday.

If I open any Outlook 2000 now, I can work with mails but when I escapes Outlook 2000, it still remains in processes of Windows (XP). So when I want to open Outlook on other PC, warning message of using PST file with other application appears. Than I have to finish process OUTLOOK.EXE in "CLRT+ALT+DEL Screen".

But this problem doesnt appear on Outlook 2003. If I open e-mails with 2003 version, I can easyly close it and open on other PC.

I dont know where is problem. Is something wrong with Outlook 2000? I noticed that PST file size exceeded 300.000.000 Bytes yesterday. Could the problem relate to PST file size? I tried to compress PST file then reinstall whole MS Office, but it still doesnt work. I dont know what to do.

I hope you understand my problem and I hope someone out there knows the solution.

Please help!!! :)

Thanks to everyone for answer!


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For starters.. sharing pst files is never a good idea since MS made the pst files non-sharable

That beingt said.. outlook 2000 did have some problems with not closing out the program and leaving the pst open.

a few things you can do it make sure it is completely updated.. download all the latest service packs and see if it still happens..

NOTE: Install the Service releases BEFORE you install the Service packs.. i remember a few instances where I did not follow this and it made for more errors for me to fix

after that if you still have this problem you can try this

1. Always back up .pst files

2. Go to Help and select Detect and Repair. If it came across anything to fix it will ask you to reboot.


if you have a bad .pst file:

1. Right click on Outlook Today and choose "Properties".

2. Click on advanced.

3. Write down the entire path of the Personal Folders.

4. Close properties.

5. Go to Start and then Run.

6. Type in Outlook.exe /cleanpst.

7. Open up Outlook. If a box comes up asking to recreate shortcuts, click no for now.

8. Go to File, click on Import and Export.

9. Select Import from another program or file.

10. Select Personal Folder File (.pst).

11. Type in the path you wrote down in the file to import and select Next.

12. This should take a few minutes and restore all your information and correct the problem.

To further repair you can try

1. Go to Start and then Run

2. Type in outlook /safe and hit enter

3. Wait for Outlook to completely load. Shut it down and check the Task Manager. If OUTLOOK.EXE is not still running this means there is either an add-ins problem or the Outlook start up files are corrupt; continue with the following steps.

Go to Start Menu and Search

Search for extend.dat and change to extend.old

Search for outcmd.dat and change to outcmd.old

Search for views.dat and change to views.old; if it's not there that's ok

Go back and start Outlook normally

Shut it down and check the Task Manager. Hopefully it should be fixed.

also a few articles


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I had bad .pst file. And you saved my skin... :)

I am really a starter so thanx for advice.

I had luck that you answered me!


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Hi I just wanted to note there are other products out there other than exchange that will allow you to share PST's in a reliable way, also any application that uses MAPI will keep that file open.

Glad you fixed it!

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Wow dude, did you see the date of the post you quoted? I think your answer would not be very much helpful to him now.

Cheers ;)

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