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Office2K3 SP2 slipstreamed - Keep Install Cache?


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I also found this guide on slipstreaming SP1 and creating an AIO CD, but when I follow the instructions for SP2, I end up with a ~1.4GB image...:wacko: I'm wondering... should the separate CDs be in separate folders? or can I simply overwrite the existing files/duplicates (I don't think so, but...).

Any ideas?

I've created an AIO Office CD where I copied all the contents of each CD's folder (after slipstreaming SP2) into 1 folder and over-wrote the duplicate files. This works fine for me. You can't use "setup.exe" to run setup anymore tho. Run the installers with the MSI files. You still have to run multiple installs to install all the extra apps (visio, etc.) but it does save disk space. My AIO folder is 903Meg, containing 7185 files.

I dunno about leaving the msocache on the HDD, I'll see if there is a way to do it with a command line option to the msi

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I've just been trying to do this... using this tip http://www.appdeploy.com/tips/detail.asp?id=76 I created a CD image of Office 2003 with SP2 integrated into it.

Now, I've got the enterprise setup and when I run it with ENFORCECACHE=1 it doesn't run and I get a fatal error. :( The thing is, when I use a reference Office 2003 (no SPs integrated) it works just fine. So I presume it gets upset with the presence of SP2 in the install.

Did anyone ever resolve this issue?!


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Well I've done that. :)

I'm just getting the "Fatal Error" everytime I call setup.exe with either ENFORCECACHE=1 in the setup.ini or passed as an argument to the installer.

When I just install Office 2003 without SP2 slipstreamed, then it installs the cache just fine. :(

So it seems to be an issue with the slipstreaming of the SP2 service pack. And yes, I'm still using a CD image that has been slipstreamed to SP2.

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Create LIS (Local Installation Source) to default path %SystemDrive%\MSOCache from Office 2003 slipstreamed with SP3 :

SET SOURCE_PATH=<replace_with_source_path_here>

Office 2003 setup.exe (enhanced version) version 11.0.6176.0

Source is built with:




Method=Direct Integration

Service Pack=Service Pack 3 (SP3)

KB923618=Office 2003 Service Pack 3 (SP3)


for localized versions of Office 2003, office2003-KB943452-FullFile-xxx.exe had to be integrated to avoid issues:


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