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  1. Are you using the a Vista built-in driver? Does that laptop manufacturer have a Vista Driver available? Could be thew difference.
  2. Hi, I had a similar problem, until I noticed that the installer complained about a file missing. The installer wants to run LUSETUP.EXE during install, so just download the newest LiveUpdate from Symantec, rename it LUSETUP.EXE and replace the original in the installer folder. Thanks, I only have these files in the install folder: data1.cab, SAV.msi, VDefhub.zip Is there more to it now? Isn't the LUSETUP.EXE in the SAV.msi? Also, do I need the msiexec /i before the actual command? as in msiexec /i c:\Apps\SAV\SAV.msi ADDLOCAL=SAVMain,SAVUI,SAVHelp,EMailTools,OutlookSnapin NETWORKTYPE=2 REBOOT=ReallySuppress /qn
  3. I was using: echo Installing SAV msiexec /i "c:\Apps\SAV\Symantec AntiVirus.msi" ADDLOCAL=SAVMain,SAVUI,SAVHelp,EMailTools,OutlookSnapin NETWORKTYPE=2 for years in the cleanup.bat file without issues. I recently replaced Symantec Antivirus.msi, Data1.cab, and VDefHub.zip with updated files and now it does not install during my unattended install. Did Symantec change any thing that anyone knows about? Thanks, Marc
  4. nope just /qn NDP20-KB922770-X86.exe /qn ? Is this considered a Type2 Hotfix?
  5. Figured it out, duh! I already had the msi, just had to add /qb
  6. Has anyone came accross one? .thinPrint for RDP?
  7. Oops, everything is fine! Thank you, -Marc
  8. Thank you, unfortunatley the boss has a problem using MST files and want's the cache. So I did a full pro install then apply SP2 and leave the cache. Works great.
  9. Figured it out! Just create and actual shortcut and copy it.
  10. I've created an unattended, full, non administrative Office 2003 Pro install with cached files and would like to copy a few shortcuts to the desktop. I was told to create "dumb" shortcuts and there may be an app to create these. Does anone have any idea? Thank you, -Marc
  11. To install all of Office 2003 Pro with cache files and then apply sp2? A person here did it with Outlook 2003 using the setup.ini. I'm going to try it with the whole Office install, but wanted to know if it has been done. Of course the install is not cutomized at all.
  12. If you do this alot, you can just purchase a Volume License version and use it's key, which would be legal as long as there is an XP sticker on the pc for it.
  13. IS there away to do an Unattended install and keep the install files? (MSOCache)
  14. I'm still looking to install Office 2k3 and be able to keep the install files on the HDD. I know this cannot be done when using an .MST file. Is there another form of unattended install that will? Thank you, -Marc
  15. Office 2003 pro and add in SP2. I've did the "Advanced Guide" with the MST and it works great, however I need to get the source files on the HDD and there doesn't seem to be a way with the MST way. What are some other ways for unattended Office 2003? Thank you, -Marc
  16. I am using the "new" SETUP.EXE, the AUTORUN.INF looks like this: [autorun] OPEN=setup.exe TRANSFORMS=Unattended.MST /qb- ICON=SETUP.EXE,1 shell\configure=&Configure... shell\configure\command=SETUP.EXE shell\install=&Install... shell\install\command=SETUP.EXE ....And the SETUP.INI lloks like this: ; Microsoft Office SETUP.EXE settings file. [MSI] ; The MSI section gives the name of the MSI file to install. This file must be in ; the same folder as Setup.exe, and both must be in the root of the installation ; tree. MSI=PRO11.MSI [Product] ProductCode={90110409-6000-11D3-8CFE-0150048383C9} ProductName=Microsoft Office 2003 ProductVersion=11.0.5614.0 Recache=1 [MST] ; The MST section gives the full path to a transform that should be applied. ;MST1=\\server\share\some transform.mst ;MST1=D:\transforms\my transform.mst [Options] ; The option section is used for specifying individual Installer Properties. ;USERNAME=Customer ;COMPANYNAME=my company ;INSTALLLOCATION=C:\Program Files\MyApp [Display] ; The diplay section is used for overriding the default UI ; Value Default Description ; Display full Option to override the default UI ; [none, quiet, basic, reduced, full] ; CompletionNotice Yes Option to display a setup completion ; notice for otherwise quiet setup ;Display=None ;CompletionNotice=Yes [Logging] ; The logging section provides settings for controlling the Setup log files. ; Value Default Description ; Type vpiwaeo Logging modes ; [a, c, e, i, m, o, p, r, u , v, ; w, *, +] ; Path %TEMP% Path to create logfiles ; Template SetupLog(*).txt File name for log file should end in ; "(*).txt"; the * is replaced with a 4 ; digit number to make the file name unique Template=Microsoft Office 2003 Setup(*).txt Type=piwaeo ;Path=\\MyServer\logfiles\ ;Template=Product %UserName%(*).txt [MinOSRequirement] ; MinOSRequirement is used for defining the minimal OS requirement for ; installing the product. VersionNT_1=500 WindowsBuild_1=2195 ServicePackLevel_1=3 [Cache] ; The cache section provides settings for caching the install source locally ; Value Default Description ; CDCACHE 2 Option to specify cache level ; [auto, 0, 1, 2] ; LOCALCACHEDRIVE <predefined> Option to specify a drive to cache ; the install source to ; DELETABLECACHE 1 Option to display UI to remove the ; cache at the end of setup [0,1] ; PURGE 0 Option to always remove cache at end of ; setup [0,1] CDCACHE=auto LOCALCACHEDRIVE=C:\ DELETABLECACHE=0 PURGE=0 ENFORCECACHE=1 [OfficeWebComponents] MSI=OWC11.MSI This does not auto play and right clicking on the drive and choosing install, give a Fatal Error box. Any help? -Marc
  17. Where would I add ENFORCECACHE in an Autorun.inf? This is a single install CD! [autorun] OPEN=setup.exe TRANSFORMS=Unattended.MST /qb- ICON=SETUP.EXE,1 shell\configure=&Configure... shell\configure\command=SETUP.EXE shell\install=&Install... shell\install\command=SETUP.EXE
  18. No, what I'm looking for is the MSOcache folder (hidden) this has install files. It is located at the root of C. I do not see an option when creating the MST to keep this folder available.
  19. Yes, like copying the I386 folder to the HDD after imaging it. I think it's the PRO11.MSI that needs to be copied, just not sure how to setup the .bat file and reg key.
  20. Autorun worked great, it is a stand alone. next is how could I not have to put in the cd (source) when adding say an assistant? Another words copying the main source file to a folder within Office and telling the registry where it is?
  21. I created an unattended Office Pro 2003 w/ SP2 integrated. I went through the whole tutorial and am a little confused about the very end. I have my created folder with the .MST file. I'm not understanding the whole batch file thing. How to write it, where to put it and how to point it on cd insertion. This is going to be an unattended Office2003 CD. He is the end of the tutorial. Thank you! -Marc This command will perform a silent installation of Office 2003 using the Unattended.MST file you created in the Custom Installation Wizard to set your customized options. But we don't want to use the exact command shown above as this wouldn't exist when installing from a CD, so we will need to change this when we add it to a batch file TRANSFORMS=C:\XPCD\$OEM$\$1\install\Applications\Office2003\Unattended.MST /qb- changed to... TRANSFORMS=Unattended.MST /qb- » Section 2 - The Office 2003 Batch Command As you read at the end of the last section, we needed to change the path in the TRANSFORM syntax in order for it to work. Below are the full batch commands you can use, so add these lines to your batch file: ECHO. ECHO Installing Office 2003 Professional ECHO Please wait... start /wait %systemdrive%\install\Applications\Office2003\setup.exe TRANSFORMS=Unattended.MST /qb- That's it! .....Or could I just add this to the Autorun.inf? [autorun] OPEN=setup.exe TRANSFORMS=Unattended.MST /qb-
  22. Relax man! The first link worked great. thank you!

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