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  1. Just to reply to myself, what I actually wanted was.... setup /RA: -s D'oh!
  2. Hey all! I'm trying to get something set-up - I want to be able to install the Backup Exec remote admin console in an unattended method. If I run "setup /?" I get a bunch of options to do this. e.g. "/RA" for remote admin and "-S" for silent. But when I use these options, either nothing happens or the normal install GUI appears as if I'd clicked on setup.exe. Anyone had any experience with this?? Thanks!
  3. Well I am glad to know it isn't just me! The "drop-down" list shows all accounts added to the local administrator group it seemed. I manually added my uberaccount to the local admins group, and it appeared. This is difficult to use properly when we use GPO restricted groups however....
  4. Hey all, Hopefully a simple answer to this one.... I'm in a domain, so I've got a shortcut to an admin util and I got under advanced and check "run with different credentials". Now, that works, however the default user credentials it always starts with are <LOCAL_MACHINE>\administrator - what I'd like to do is change it to something else e.g. domain\uberaccount so I don't have to type the domain & username in constantly. It does even have a drop-down list of potential accounts, but it doesn't list any domain accounts or accounts I've used before. Anyone got any idea if this default can be changed? I had a look using system monitor, but I couldn't find anything. Thanks!
  5. I did see that, but I believe it was trying to see if it was a local account before looking to the domain. Using psexec I ran icacls as a system account, but it didn't make any difference. If I use subinacl, I'll be ok I think. The main thing is that icacls /reset so I can propagate inherited permissions correctly. I could never get setacl to do it correctly!
  6. Logfile.txt Attached a CSV output from procmon, which was a good idea to try, but I can't see anything obvious as to why it is failing. Certainly no "access denied".
  7. I'm having some real trouble with icacls on 2003 SP2, I can't get it to assign ownership. Takeown works fine, but I want to assign ownership to another user using script. xcacls.vbs is too slow to do this on the amount of files. Here is a demo: The second test was just to show that is recognised the account involved. I've tried several systems we've got, even in different forests and they all do the same thing. I've tried using the SID instead, and that doesn't help. I've tried using a UNC path through c$ and it that doesn't work. So I'm stuck! Anyone got any ideas?
  8. Depends how they are integrated, but given the current driverpacks methods - no. Perhaps textmode support may help this though.
  9. Oh wow, that looks really nice... I'll try and give it a go! So what do you think it is? What does it fix?!
  10. The script that does the installing of the control panel programs and the like is "BTS_DPs_Finish.cmd" - you could modify/remove this so it doesn't install anything.
  11. I seem to recall BTS saying in another post that the new version of the driverpacks (currently in beta) will support 2000 & 2003.
  12. Shouldn't this go in the wireless driver pack forum?
  13. For your 2nd question, I think basically 888111 is the newer version that supports WinXP SP2. kb835221 doesn't support XP SP2, although we've used it on SP2 and it worked anyway.
  14. Is it a gig switch you connect to? I often find older/crap 100MB switches take too long to negoiate a 100MB connection on 1GB NICs which is what causes this problem. I think for this, there is often more than once fix. I have found the forcing the NIC to 100MB FD always resolves this issue.
  15. That would be useful... but there is none that I am aware of.
  16. Hey Phogoff! Ok, this is what I do to add text mode drivers to sysprep: Then run sysprep as per normal (or at least -bmsd). You need to extract the IDs from the .inf file in the first place also.
  17. That isn't quite true, the Creative X-Fi drivers have the 64-bit versions available also. Most other drivers however, do not.
  18. 8.48e, released 6th Feb 2006: http://www.broadcom.com/docs/driver_downlo...k3_32-8.48e.zip If you'd do the honours please BTS!
  19. Those files are in the Base driver pack, they can extracted from there.
  20. You can, it is fairly easy. 1. Unpack drives to $oem$ for your RIS image, which is at the same level as i386. 2. Alter your SIF file to include OEMPNPDRIVERSPATH and include *each* directory with a .inf file. There is a script in the BTS Base pack that does a recursive search for .inf files you could modify for this task. 3. If necessary, add LAN drivers directly to the i386 directory if you need to boot from such a NIC. stop/start binlsvc if you add drivers. Away you go! Having said that, I don't use RIS. I'm sure there are other posts/better people to describe how to use it.
  21. Not really, as the April "round-up" IE patch will include it I believe Microsoft have confirmed. http://blogs.technet.com/msrc/archive/2006/03/29/423560.aspx So I think we may just have to bite the bullet and live with it until the 3rd parties fix things.
  22. I think that would do it... I'd suggest the "D" directory is in the root of the C: drive, as otherwise the path list will be too long due to all the extra "Windows" occurances in it. The limit on it is 4096 bytes!
  23. There is a problem with BTS_DPs_finish.cmd that could affect the X-Fi driver, as per here: http://www.msfn.org/board/index.php?s=&sho...ndpost&p=480865 I'm not sure if this change made it into the base release, but you should check to see if it has made it onto your set-up!
  24. Gah, sorry, I scanned what you said and thought you said install! Doh! Great catch anyway, I'm sure once it is removed then it'll fix this problem. **** Eolas.
  25. I looked, and I already have that patch installed via Windows Update. Rats! Perhaps I should un-install it!

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