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  1. Mobility Center Problem

    Are you using the a Vista built-in driver? Does that laptop manufacturer have a Vista Driver available? Could be thew difference.
  2. Symantec AV

    Hi, I had a similar problem, until I noticed that the installer complained about a file missing. The installer wants to run LUSETUP.EXE during install, so just download the newest LiveUpdate from Symantec, rename it LUSETUP.EXE and replace the original in the installer folder. Thanks, I only have these files in the install folder: data1.cab, SAV.msi, VDefhub.zip Is there more to it now? Isn't the LUSETUP.EXE in the SAV.msi? Also, do I need the msiexec /i before the actual command? as in msiexec /i c:\Apps\SAV\SAV.msi ADDLOCAL=SAVMain,SAVUI,SAVHelp,EMailTools,OutlookSnapin NETWORKTYPE=2 REBOOT=ReallySuppress /qn
  3. Symantec AV

    40 Views, huh
  4. I was using: echo Installing SAV msiexec /i "c:\Apps\SAV\Symantec AntiVirus.msi" ADDLOCAL=SAVMain,SAVUI,SAVHelp,EMailTools,OutlookSnapin NETWORKTYPE=2 for years in the cleanup.bat file without issues. I recently replaced Symantec Antivirus.msi, Data1.cab, and VDefHub.zip with updated files and now it does not install during my unattended install. Did Symantec change any thing that anyone knows about? Thanks, Marc
  5. nope just /qn NDP20-KB922770-X86.exe /qn ? Is this considered a Type2 Hotfix?
  6. Does KB922770 install with /q /n /z ?
  7. Looking for RDP Thin Print Unattended

    Figured it out, duh! I already had the msi, just had to add /qb
  8. Has anyone came accross one? .thinPrint for RDP?
  9. Slight dilema!

    Oops, everything is fine! Thank you, -Marc
  10. Is this possible?

    Thank you, unfortunatley the boss has a problem using MST files and want's the cache. So I did a full pro install then apply SP2 and leave the cache. Works great.
  11. Figured it out! Just create and actual shortcut and copy it.
  12. I've created an unattended, full, non administrative Office 2003 Pro install with cached files and would like to copy a few shortcuts to the desktop. I was told to create "dumb" shortcuts and there may be an app to create these. Does anone have any idea? Thank you, -Marc
  13. Is this possible?

    To install all of Office 2003 Pro with cache files and then apply sp2? A person here did it with Outlook 2003 using the setup.ini. I'm going to try it with the whole Office install, but wanted to know if it has been done. Of course the install is not cutomized at all.
  14. [Question] - Unattended WindowsXP Install on Dells

    If you do this alot, you can just purchase a Volume License version and use it's key, which would be legal as long as there is an XP sticker on the pc for it.
  15. IS there away to do an Unattended install and keep the install files? (MSOCache)