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Partition on 2000 server


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Hi, I wanna make a partition on my HD, now I've installed 2000 server and wanna install linux mandrake in the same HD. I've been trying using partition magic but I got an error because I'm using 2000 server...

Does anyone knows a tool to make a second partition ??? :blink:

Thanx !!

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Yeah, I don't know why they cripple it for servers...most applications like to do that. They used to have a product called ServerMagic, which was basically PartitionMagic for Servers. Of course, they charged a nice premiuim for it :)

As for the topic, your best bet would be to look into making an image of the Server install, back that up to CD/DVD, then erase and repartition as you want. Then you can reload the image to the first partition, and everything should be good to go.

I wonder, I've never imaged a Server...will Ghost complain about it being Server? I hope not...

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It didnt work...  :unsure:

I made an image with ghost and the HD didnt work, I got an error when the SO is charging...

I'll be glad if someone could help me in anyway....


Hi there!

Hmm.....Really annoying stuff, it just prove my distrust to Symantec products.

I always use Acronis, and I've never even heard about such problems with it's software. As for create another partition I exactly know, that Disk Director supports almost all OSs (including 2000server). I use it, so I must say it's very reliable and foolproof software.

For backup you may use True Image, I've read a lot abot this program it works just wonderfull- very fast and dependable. It also has free trial server edition.

According to my experience I suggest you to try it. :thumbup

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I never have problems with ghost. Just make a ghost boot floppy and away you go. A while back I had to install windows 2000 on 25 machines so I just set one up with Windows 2000, drivers, office and booted to a ghost boot disk and ghosted it to the other 24 harddrives. Every copy worked without any problems.

At the moment, I’ve got 6 machines to install Windows XP/Office 2003 on. In fact, Windows XP is probably just finishing its unattended installation as I type this. After it’s all done, I’m just going to ghost it to the other 5 harddrives.

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i bought Paragon Hard Disk Manager at http://www.paragon.ag/hdm/

then downloaded BartPE at http://www.nu2.nu/pebuilder/

then used winxp to make a BartPE bootable live CD with the partition software on it. now, whatever the system, wherever i go, when i need to do something to a system like partition it, i don't really care about what it's running, i just boot with the CD, repartition and run the software i want, then reboot and i'm done.

fwiw, i know it does not apply in this instance, but while i'm at it i wanted to point out that chilifrei64 has a script that will allow you to install some programs on 2003.

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