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Best Gaming Phone


Which is the best phone for gaming and has good features?  

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  1. 1. Which is the best phone for gaming and has good features?

    • N-Gage
    • N-Gage QD
    • 6600
    • 3230

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For gaming, N-Gage QD is best. (the non-QD model runs older firmware, plus design is slightly less comfortable, thats the only difference, so I'll consider both to be the same).

The QD has a keypad layout specifically made for gaming, plus its built-in speakers can pump plenty of volume. Another feature to be considered in context of gaming, is that the N-Gage is designed to have the MMC inserted & removed without having to turn off the phone.

The 6600 is useless - anyone considering purchase of it, has got to be dumb. The 6600 is very similar to N-Gage except that it has a poor-quality camera in addition (640x480). Also, the 6600's keypad layout is pretty bad for gaming.

The 3230 is a higher version of 6600. The 3230 is a lot faster than 6600 & N-Gage. Also, the 3230 has a mega-pixel camera (allowing upto 1280x960 photos). Moreover, the 3230's screen can display 65,536 colors, while N-Gage can only display 4096 colors.

So, 3230 seems to be best for gaming - but then, keypad layout is important & thats why the N-Gage QD wins.

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