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Yahoo booter


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I know of an app, I have it somewhere but can't remember the name, that doesn't "boot" someone like back in the good old days of dial-up AOL, lol... but it does allow you to silently remove your name and all your info from another persons buddy list w/o them even knowing about it. Good for x g/fs and the like! :thumbup

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I have seen allot posts on questions pertaining to “yahoo booters”. It’s not a difficult program to use and just about anyone can master its use. I’m not going to go into great detail about it. Personally I find booting to be very lame; it’s a game for kids who don’t know anything better to do. If you want to learn the basic logic so you can better protect yourself in chat, I do offer some tutorials for the beginner. I don’t condone the use of booters for harassment purposes and they should only be used sparingly

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