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What happened to winamp


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I just recently downloaded and installed the latest version of Winamp, and I must say I am completely disappointed in it. It's got all this AOL crap in it, installs some "50 free mp3's" program, cant detach the video screen without problems, when the video screen is attached it seems to show some stupid, almost ad-like info. What the hell happened to our WinAmp. Since using it for 15 min, I have since uninstalled it. Anyone else care to share their experiences with the new CrapAmp?

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Well the only noticable difference with mine is the splash screen. Are you using free or pro? Also, modern or classic?

Also, bundled software doesnt really seem like WinAMP, you get it from the WinAMP site?

EDIT: Check out the lite bundle if you dont want all the extras, http://www.winamp.com/player/free.php

Seems good idea if you dont use modern skin, which I don't

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