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Changing MFT size...


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The standard size of the MFT in WinXP (pro) is rather small an I usually use Diskeeper 9 to make it bigger direct after installing WinXP. But now I have changed my disktool to O&O Defrag 8 and this application does not include the option to size the MFT.

Does anyone know a program that can adjust the MFT size?

Thanx in advance

/ SwedenXP B)

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off the top of my head....

-Raxco PDisk (I really don't like this one...)

-VoptXP small and quick w/ a few extras to clean out clutter before defrag. (I don't know how effective it's MFT and Pagefile defrag is though with this one though i used it and my system still works :))

BTY , you can do a full MFT, hiber file, pagefile defrag with O&O. You must schedule a offline defrag job to do so however as O&O needs access w/o the system interfering.

The size should be adjusted afterwards to allow growth, though i think only diskeeper can let the user set the total size of the MFT

Here is a trick however though probably more work than it's worth...


and this of course requires advanced planning should work for xp (don't hold me to it though)


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