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slipstreaming sp2 with dvd recovery disk

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i have a Toshiba Laptop with DVD Recovery Disk WinXP home SP1 and my big problem is the time it consumes everytime i reinstall my os.

guys! do you think its possible to slipstream it with sp2? the recovery disk is different with the regular WinXPs coz i there'sno i386 in it.

i am a know nothing guy with regards to this stuff, hope you can give me some words.


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i found a ghost.exe;tghost.exe;preinst.gho; etc..... in the Base Folder from the image i created from the recovery disk i have.

also, after fresh reistallation of os and updating it, which 1 am i going to create as an image, the recovery disk that i have or the system itself, sorry bro, got no idea, so pls, if you won't mind, could you please help or tell me what to do, step by step. i know this too much to ask, and i apologize for this.

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Well there are too options here

1. Aqquire a real copy of windows XP and use that or

2. Set up your laptop you want and use some 3rd party software to make a new backup image (after adding sp2 into your current setup) and use thats as your new restore Disc

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ojojpogee, your problem is that the recovery disk is not an unattended installation, it is a ghost image of your hard drive that puts everything back to factory settings.

So you have 2 options indeed - create your own unattended XP setup from a Windows XP cd, or create your own ghost image.

To create your ghost image, you need to do a fresh reinstall on your computer, add as many applications as you like and change the settings you wish, and then create a snapshot with ghost software (like Norton Ghost, dunno which one is the best). Then burn that image to a bootable cd, also with the Ghost soft, and you have a new recovery dvd.

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