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5.1 MP3!


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MP3 Surround provides a multi-channel listening experience with a minimum of extra bitrate and maximum compatibility.

The ideal supplement to MP3 Surround is Ensonido which allows playback of 5.1 surround sound over stereo headphones.

The evaluation period will expire on the 31st of December 2005. After this date, the player will keep all its functions.

Key Features

    * Encoding and decoding of MP3 Surround files

    * Full multi-channel capability (5.1 format)

    * Complete backward compatibility to existing MP3 players and devices

    * Data rates for multi-channel sound comparable to those for current stereo MP3


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@boooggy, half a year? lol

Version 1.0.1 (23 May 2005):

    * WinAmp PlugIn: fixed volume decrease during playback of common stereo mp3 files.

Version 1.1.0 (6 July 2005):

    * v 1.1.0 trial period fix:

      The trial period of the v 1.0 MP3 Surround Encoder will end 31st of July, V 1.1.0 will work until 31st of December 2005.

    * Improved file detection:

      Some problems occured within the detection of multichannel content so that some files were not encoded

    * Improved encoding speed:

      v 1.1.0 is based on a newer version of the surround encoding library, which comes up with better encoding performance

    * New player features:

      The realtime player (mp3sPlayer.exe) now comes along with a playlist (which can be accessed by the 'Open Playlist'-button in the right bottom corner) to allow you the sequential playback of different items and a repeat-function for songs.

maybe a bit old but i didn't read about it before ;)

@Nanaki, yep, sounds similar but i believe in its possibilities since it is compatible with current mp3 players plus some other goodies :)

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hmmm... you'd have to re-encode all your MP3's, according to what i understand, which would result in a quality hit, no?

why not just use a good sound card driver? for my audigy 2 ZS card i use the kxProject drivers (link in sig).

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