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I need to add this tool as well as the fix for it so that machines that don't pass can go ahead run the MS updates without getting hit with the validation error.

I have the reg file that fixes it.

I am using an older Windows Unattended Install disk with a version of XP Pro that already has SP2. I created an answer file some time back and burned the CD Image. The CD works like a charm and has for months.

I just need to know how best to now add the Genuine Advantage Tool and fix, as well as the newer MS updates.

I might want to add in a couple of Apps also but I have never done that.

What would you guys suggest as a way to add to that CD?

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I'd be intrested in seeing your reghack

looks to me like the regkey is unique :blink:

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Disable Activex in IE, when you are asked to validate, it says you will have to validate using an alternative method. Click validate now, and download this file 'legitcheck.hta'

Save it, you wont be able to get it again easily once you validate the first time

Run it, you wont pass the validation check

Tools > Manage Add-ons.. > Add-ons that have been used by Internet Explorer > Windows Genuine Advantage Validation Tool > Disabled

produces this key in the registry:


By the way, I dont think this key is unique because I got the same one on two different installations of XP Pro

I'm pretty new to this unattended stuff, but I think it would be done this way:

1. Disable WGA Validation Tool using the steps at the top

2. Open Run > regedit

3. Find the corresponding key

4. Export the key to wga.reg (or anything)

5. Create a .cmd file (http://unattended.msfn.org/intermediate/methods/batch_commands.htm) including the lines:

start legitcheck.hta

and a second one:

REGEDIT /S wga.reg

6. Follow the same link in the step above to see how to put these on your XP Disc to be copied onto your drive at installation.

This is going to be pretty messy though, as SP2 prompts you if you want to allow legitcheck.hta to be executed.

This will also leave a web page open saying validation failed.

I am not clever enough and it is too late for me to figue out how to prevent these two things from happening.

I will have a looksee tomorrow, see if I can get it sorted.

Hope I have been of some help, Sorry if I completely misunderstood what you are getting at :D

And by the way, Hi, I'm new


Also, I hope I am not going against forum rules as this could be considered a crack or whatever, but it seems like a legitimate way to bypass WGA

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seems you should be able just to import the key, but I dunno, what kind of smartie am I anyway?

to skip the authentication is to go to tool menu>Manage Add-ons

then select from dropdown: Add-ons that have been used by Internet


scroll down to Windows Genuine Advantage, select it and then select the

disable button down below

click OK, then exit Internet Explorer, and it will be disabled

no more annoyances.

except when you go to microsoft update, it will do a little popup saying

that the website tried to use a disabled plugin

when I follow the above procedure, it creates a key like this


thus my assumption that it is unique to each computer :unsure:

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Hmm, well I just checked and there were two entries created, one under HKEY_USERS and another under HKEY_CURRENT_USER, but if you just import the HKEY_CURRENT_USER entry (which is not unique) it still disables the WGA LegitCheck.dll activex add-on. So it shouldn't be a problem.

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