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Crypt CD?


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Hi Everybody,

i 'm seek for a great program that can :

- crypt my cd so no one can copy it.

- Set a passwoord to it in it's boot so no one can run it without get this psswd.

Any ans will be graet :thumbup

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I can see 2 options right now:

1- Use EasyBoot for your boot menu and you'll be able to put a password at boot.

2- Use UltraISO and use the HIDE function. There is already a topic covering this part here: http://www.msfn.org/board/index.php?showtopic=31295

Hope this help...

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1st thanks

You won't get any answer to this question... it is agianst this forum policy.

On the other hand, EasyBoot and UltraISO have a demo version available...

u get me wrong man :( ,i wanna an excellent program that have not any kinds of crack (let be more realy i wanna a prog that is hardly to crack) .

i think it is clear now

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Well, Using UltraISO and the Advanced Hide feature is a good step... BUT anybody could extract the ISO of your CD and Unhide the hidden folders (reverse process) and gain access to your data.

thanks for reply

i know that ,so i asked for an excellent software that can prevent the cd from copy?!

but for that password for the boot easyboot is good



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