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Aero (default Vista theme)


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What do you think about the new theme with Vista?

I actually like the taskbar, But that is it.

Its too bright for my eyes and some of the things you cannot see because they are to bright. Also the backgrounds in programs is solid white. Such as in photoshop cs 2.

I barely see the scroll bars on the side of the windows ------------------------------>

I have to search for them each time i want to scroll the page because my mouse wheel doesn't seem to work correctly on some windows.

I know this is still beta and alot will be improved.

Im gonna see soon if the old themes from my windows 98 will work on here :) they should since they are just the classic look with color.

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Pros -

Very sleek and professional looking

Transparencys are a nice touch and suddle

Cons -

The exit buttons seems too wide and awkward

The black taskbar was too eyecatching needs a different color and slimmer (maybe use that transparent glass effect ?? huh huh??)

The bevels turn black upon maximizing ... it should stay transparent with just your background image

Overall -

... WAY better than the Luna crap ... still lacking in some areas

Personally it is Rain Day all the way!

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