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  1. ... ... Is it just me or is that a secruity flaw? I am an Admin for my shop and the whole reason we give limited use to ANY user is so they won't mess with the system intentional or unintentional. Yes, most people don't have a clue but those that do could easily start screwing with things. Am I wrong to think that?
  2. I am the local Admin for my shop and we have around 16 computers. What I would like is to have everyones favorites folder to have personal links and a set of common links. The common links would be stored on R:\Links I tried to change the directory of the shell folders for "All Users" to R:\Links that didn't do anything. I am beginning to think it is not possible. Is there any way to do this? Or is there a way to make something similar to favorites and have that link to R:\Links ?
  3. Can I have two systems on one drive

    You are right, 5gb is a lot for just windows. I was just using that number to be safe, since I don't know how much he messes with Windows. I usually relocate the page file onto the (files)D:\ and disable hibernation. Which leaves my C: usually around 800Mb used. Which makes for much quicker backups/restores. I found out BootIt NG can save the images to files on any NTFS/FAT32/FAT Partition it doesn't need its own partition. So I only have 2 partitions now C:\ 2gigs and D:\ 248gigs and the image files are only about 400Mb. I would make the C:\ even less but some programs insist on putting somethings on the C:\ like Visual Studio 2005 even though I install it to the D:\ it installs 384Mb of stuff on to the C:\ I would never go back to Norton Ghost after using BootIt NG.
  4. Can I have two systems on one drive

    Well, I just started using this great program called BootIt NG and it is an amazing piece of software. http://www.terabyteunlimited.com/bootitng.html With this you would be able to easily configure 2 windows xp installations/partitions one for your kids and one for you. You just select which one at startup. Then you just configure there Windows xp to not even see your drive using windows disk management. You could even setup a backup partition so the kids could go crazy on theres and all you would have to do is restart, copy the backup partition to there partition and they are back up and running. Incase you happen to screw up the system, or it is running slow due to any number of reasons, you could also use the backup partition. It is much easier then installing windows XP everytime something goes wrong. I usually have 3 partitions myself Windows XP - 5Gb Windows XP Backup - 5Gb Files - Whatever is left on the drive I put all my videos, pictures, documents, desktop on the Files Partition no reason to have all that stuff on the OS partition just makes it harder to backup and restore. So I guess yours would have 4 if you used my idea. What do you think?
  5. How do you refresh your system?

    I do what someone else has mentioned. I partition my 250Gb Drive into 2 partitions: C:\ 3Gb and D:\ 247Gb. I do a fresh install of Windows XP with all the updates. Create an image of my C:\ and put it on my D:\ Then I try to get Windows XP and all my applications setup just the way I like it and create another image of my C:\ I use Image for Windows which is quite fast and small. For awhile I was using nLite to get my Windows XP install just perfect but I would keep running into problems down the road with some applications not working which was a pain. I just whish programs never had to be Installed in the first place ... Why can't they all just stay in there own **** directory ... if you want them to run you just double click on the exe and it runs. Why all the bul***** of putting files in application data, system32, windows and adding s*** to the registry?? Then you can just use a fresh image everytime or fresh install for slipstreaming latest updates and then just copy all the shortcuts for all your programs back in the startmenu or quicklaunch bar done ... no installing s***. I think that would make for a much cleaner OS. There are some programs like this where all I have to do is make the shortcut to them after a fresh install and they work fine. Image for Windows is one of these programs. There are several that I use that are like that ... why can't they all be like that? If you ever want to uninstall a program ... you simply delete the program directory! Seriously, does anyone know why this isn't the way it is?? I am done going off. "Image for Windows" all the way!!
  6. Visual Studio 2005 .net and Access 2003

    I do not have the lastsession.ini and I think I used RC8. I am hopeing it is a simple fix but I have searched the forums and can't find anything related to this. In Access if I use the List Box Wizard it gives me the message: "Data cannot be retrieved from the source you have selected. You must select a different table or query to continue in the wizard." In Visual Studio 2005 when I use the Data Source Configuration Wizard and choose a new connection to an access database it gives me the error: "No error message available, result code: E_FAIL(0x80004005)" Does it have something to do with ODBE? Or MDAC? I don't know much about how windows connects to databases. But it seems to be nLited out of my setup. What should I not install to avoid this? Or is there anyway I can fix this? Thanks
  7. Software Keyboard Mouse Switch

    As it stands I have my laptop in my keyboard slide out tray and hooked up to my 15in LCD on my desk. I have a 19in LCD for my desktop computer. Both controled using the same Keyboard/mouse (Microsofts Bluetooth elite something or other). I am using Multiplicity which is a nice program to do this and it suits most my needs but whenever I shut down my main computer I still want to be able to control my laptop with the keyboard and mouse. I don't want a hardware switch as that would require me to push a button on the switch itself that is not appealing as I go back and forth all the time (right now with mulitiplicity it is a mattter of just moving the mouse to the other screen) So what I was thinking is having a USB Bluetooth transciever connected to both laptop and desktop and having 2 of the many speacial feature buttons disable and enable the inputs ... so if I press "1" on the keyboard it disables the laptop entries and enables the desktop and if I press "2" it will disable the desktop entries and enable the laptop. It seems like it would be plausable ... the hard part is that you can't completey disable the keyboard and mouse you would still want it to be able to know when to enable the keybaord and mouse. Any Ideas? P.S. Controlling 2 computers seemlessy with one keyboard and one mouse is sweet!
  8. Here's some shell extensions...

    Wow ... exactly what I was looking for some time ago. I haven't read anything about it yet though (I am going to bed soon) but a nice place for some shorcuts is the context menu of the task bar ... such as Regedit and all the various system tools would be nice right there. Will look into the posted stuff tommorow.
  9. Woohoo New Guy (Air Force)

    Oh I haven't used nLite yet ... just found out about it 4days ago so that is why I mainly joined this forum. I had always just used the trial and error method for changing windows. I want to learn as much as I can about windows ... before I get bored with it. I have started WAY more projects than I have completed.
  10. Aero (default Vista theme)

    Pros - Very sleek and professional looking Transparencys are a nice touch and suddle Cons - The exit buttons seems too wide and awkward The black taskbar was too eyecatching needs a different color and slimmer (maybe use that transparent glass effect ?? huh huh??) The bevels turn black upon maximizing ... it should stay transparent with just your background image Overall - ... WAY better than the Luna crap ... still lacking in some areas Personally it is Rain Day all the way!
  11. benefits of nLite

    Davor I have yet to use nLite but it seems like it would be a very nice program. I very much like the Idea of it and will give it a try. I think your percentages are a little off though ... there are many things that you can safely modify in Windows and if you just go to Microsofts site you can find a lot of information about how it works for the most part. Since when has windows worked a 100% off the shelf anyways?? (I have restarted windows machines too many times for someone to sway my opinion) I have made a lot of changes to windows succesfully and it work perfectly ... not nearly 100% of the time ... more like 50% of the time but I am very curios of what can be changed and can't. I would rather not just be complacent and press the accept button on what Microsoft deems should and should not be on my computer. ... I like my room clean too ... and organized .. obsesive compulsive disorder ... maybe but by god windows will be fine tuned for my needs!! nLite seems like it will make the process easier ... just installing and having all the stuff suited to my needs instead of installing than making changes. :-) My 2 cents (more like $1.76)
  12. Do you use Windows Paint?

    I used it a lot back in the Qbasic programing days ... when a screen of 320x200 and 256colors was all you had anyways ... making little characters for small games ... not so much anymore. At work it is nice to use(very bored usually). Now it is just Photoshop for me.
  13. Woohoo New Guy (Air Force)

    Hi ... I am Tyler I like to do pretty much anything with computers/electronics. I am in the USAF, currently stationed in Ramstein Germany where I maintain/troubleshoot AM Recievers and Transmitters for Air Traffic Control. I like my job because we actually go component level, replacing diodes, capacitors, resistors etc. keeping in mind these radios are from the 60s, I kid you not. Computers are great ... built my first one about 10years ago ... it caught on fire (I was only 10 and they were spare parts donated to the church) Started off with Bat files .. boy those were great, but I have dabbled in just about everything more of a jack of all trades, from Computer mods to Web Design. Right now my interest is getting Windows XP Pro SP2 as small as possible ... SO I JOINED!!! Wooohooo. (I usually just installed it and then got rid of all the excess, then just made an image of the C:\ since I have the OS on one parition and all my files on the other and just redirect things like the desktop to the D:\ etc.) Well, anyways hope I can help out with questions on here ... work has been getting slow ... I mean ... HOW many emails can you check in one day??