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Installing Programs on Vista


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GRRR! Vista is really ennoying me! ive got build 5231 and everytime i try to install anything usefull, including vista drivers it keeps saying "Access Denied" even though i am logged in as the admin! Does any one know how to stop this? i think if we could stop this we would be able to install programs like alcohol as well as all others, as this 'access denied' issue seems to be the underlying one. If you look carefully and read the details its normally the cause of the problem. Another example of this is when you try to install AVG, it trys to enter something into the registry or putsome .dll file somewhere and ... 'access denied'

Please help me solve this!

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The problem is very simple, UAP

In the Vista build there is only 1 Account with Full Admin Rights, and that is the built in one.

Any Account made in the admin group is not a real admin account. It is a restricted account.

Try and turn of the USP in the Start Menu. If that does not work then log in to the built in

admin account and do the install from there.

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nah doesent work gunsmoke.. already toyed with that ;)

so far i have got to work:

Battlefield 2

Prince of persia sands of time

**** NFO Viewer

MSN Messenger 7.5 beta



Winrar 3.5


NEro Burning ROM 7 - though there was errors on install, after reboot it worked fine. lot of errors on install tho!


Video LAN player


Azureus Bit torrent client



Adobe Photoshop CS2 (PS9) (image ready disables glass effects if you run it, though it works fine. Also update service will not run but doesent stop you using the suite obviously)

Creative Control Panel

Plus a few other bits and bobs not really worth listing. I also know from a source that Pirates Of the Burning Sea MMO runs on Vista also, and i expect Steam works fine too if POBS works.

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Are you on the built in Admin account or did you make a account in the Admin group.

As I said anything made in the admin group is a resticted account. There is only 1 admin

account on Vista and that is the built in one.

What I do for when the install finished is to change the Built in Admin acoount to my name

then I use this reg tweak to have it appear on the log on screen, this is the only way to

ensure you are using the built in admin account.

Reg Tewak

Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00

[HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\Winlogon\SpecialAccounts\UserList]"HelpAssistant"=dword:00000000








change the red text to the name you want to appear.

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built in, not created any other logins as yet. UAP settings seems to have no effect. its not all program installs, just some.

Of note is that despite the errors on reboot the applications work fine, nero threw up so many errors i got sick of clicking the mouse on [ OK ]

but it works fine,..

One thing of note is the update service in photoshop would not start .. as it must have been missing some dll it needed or some part of the service wasnt running. However, after a few days it now seems to have corrected itself and runs -- not that the update service prevents you from running photoshop.

i wondered if perhaps the permissions errors where being thrown up regardless, and that the reg entries and dll registrations where actually taking place though vista is reporting otherwise... possibility anyway.

Next time i install something that does this ill check the registry before and after to see if thats the case!

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I have installed PowerDVD 7.3 deluxe on Vista-6.0.6000.16384-ru-x64. This player works very-very slowly, the time interval between choosing videofile and beginning playback is 25 s :wacko: (I checked it) :unsure: . And some videocontent (VIDEO-TS folders) playback without a sound. The sound begins just only I click mouse on the navigational slider. :angry: All options are standard.

Do anyone have the same problem, or I'm the only one who have the "curve hands"?)))

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