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  1. And here is the negative result of using this programme (after restart, of course): Driver check signature is disabled, but driver is disabled as well. PS: Translation: "Windows noticed drivers for this device, but during installation attempt of this driver an error have appeared."
  2. VistaBootPro writes literally the following: VistaBootPro has detected that either Microsoft Windows Vista is not currently installed, or you may hsve an irregular drive configuration. In order to use all the features of this application, Windows Vista must be installed. (The Windows Vista is the only OS installed on my comp.)
  3. It seems to me I know, what's the matter! Updates, which have the word EXPRESS in their names, cannot be integrated in system. Cannot be integrated via vLite and via command promt. Only full cabs without EXPRESS.
  4. It doesn't work. If the Vista is with all updates, of course.
  5. After installing Vista, Update center asks to download and install updates, which I integrated. So, they are needed. Of course, I paid attention to it. It seems to me that all successfully integrated cab updates doesnt have .exe files. But I'l check it once more.
  6. I have the similar problem. I integrated more than 20 updates, installed Vista. But the Update center shows, that there is only 3 updates integrated and asks me to download all updates, which I integrated already via vLite. I did this process (Integration updates, creating bootable disk via Imgburn, installation changed Vista), but the result was the same. nuhi or other guru, give your comments, please!
  7. Hello! I have installed PowerDVD 7.3 deluxe on Vista-6.0.6000.16384-ru-x64. This player works very-very slowly, the time interval between choosing videofile and beginning playback is 25 s (I checked it) . And some videocontent (VIDEO-TS folders) playback without a sound. The sound begins just only I click mouse on the navigational slider. All options are standard. Do anyone have the same problem, or I'm the only one who have the "curve hands"?)))
  8. Gentlemen! Dont continue in PM, please! I have the same problem during loading from created DVD. The OS - Vista-x64-ru-6.0.6000.16386. Let me and other people read yr dialog. And give the detailed instruction to make system DVD via vLite, please.

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