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I just got an invite ... YAY!


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oh man, well the beta 1 will b out agaust 3rd.

How do i become a beta tester.

Ahh vista will still b buggs, although i used beta 1 n 2 of sp2 and never has any problems.

but i can wait untill the release of vista.

Windows 1.0

Windows 2.0

Windows 3.0

Windows for workgroups 3.11

Windows 3.11

Windows NT Workstation 3.5

Windows 95

Windows NT Workstation 4.0

Windows 95b

Windows 95c

Windows 98

Windows 98SE

Windows ME

Windows 2000

Windows XP - home, pro, x64, mce2002, mce2003, mce2005, tablet

Windows Vista

WOW that is a lot of Windows.

And that isnt including all server editions and CE and Embedded editions.

Now lets learn from history - 98 to Me back to 2000 then to xp

they got lucky on Xp, Its actually an alright name. aka. windows 2002.

I think they should stick to dates!

So we dont get confused

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