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BattleField 1942


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what version of direct x and what nvidia drivers have you got installed?

what geforce 4 is it exactly? Ti or MMX? my mates MMX440 runs the game but not as good as mine, sometime frame rate affects his acuracy when shooting, and it doesent look quite as nice obviously.

have you tried installing the 1.2 patch? it resolved a lot of similar problems people had.

Heres another tip, some peoples machines wouldnt run the intro movies, probably a codec issue. go to the programs directory and rename all the intro movie to something else.

Even beter install the merciless mod as it turns them off anyway. id recomend installing mercilles and the texture packs also you can find all them HERE. make sure you grab the market garden and battle of the bulge textures from the same page to get the most out of the mod. its all client side so wont affect online play, just makes it look beter on those levels for u, and adds blood effects and other tweeks.

your setup sounds similar to mine and mine runs the game smooth as silk.

my spec:

amd athlon xp 2100+

512MB Pc27000 DDR

winXP pro

Direct X 9

Sound Blaster X gamer

Latest detonator drivers and sound drivers, it ran just as good with directX 8 too.

hope this solves it, im sure its the movies causing it,

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battlefield 1942 installs correcty but when i start it i get a black screen and then it goes back to the desktop Windows X-P home P-4 1.7 gig .Gainward Geforce 4

Powerpack 64 mb ddr. 512 mb system ram

I know exactly what you mean, because i had a same problem :)

This is how you fix it:

1. Find this file: "VideoDefault.con", it's in this folder "...\Battlefield 1942\Mods\bf1942\Settings\" and open it with notepad.

2. Find this line: "renderer.allowAllRefreshRates 0" and change 0 to 1

3. Save file and Play the Game w00t

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We gave this a go last night and it still will not work. Here is a little history and course of events:

1) It installed and ran okay on the first installation.

2) The next time he tried to play the game it would not start. There were no new hardware or software changes.

3) He took out a video card and replaced it with a Gainward GeForce 4 64MB 440 MMX. The game would not work.

4) He uninstalled and reinstalled the game but it would not work.

5) He replaced the sound card with a SB Audigy.

FthrJack provided this information from another thread, Bf 1942 1.3 Patch, *** IMPORTANT INFORMATION FOR SOUNDBLASTER AUDIGY OWNERS *** There are known issues with Audigy cards and this patch. These problems can be avoided by enabling HARDWARE ACCELERATION in the sound options menu.

He installed the patch and enabled hardware acceleration but it still does not work.

6) We tried the VideoDefault.con fix that HAL10000 suggested. That path does not exist in his setup. His path is C:\Program Files\EA GAMES\Battlefield 1942\Settings\VideoDefault.con

We edited it and did not find renderer.allowAllRefreshRates 0 so we added it and changed the value to 1.

Still would not work.

Okay, I suggested he do a clean install of Windows, and get all the new hardware running at the default settings. Then install BF1942. Then install the patches and see what happens.

I dont know.

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I have never had any problems running this game, and my system spec's are:


512mb (2700ddr)

Win XP

Leadtek G4 Ti 4200

SB Audigy

DX 8.1

I would give the clean install and then install of the game a go, defiantly update the patch version to the latest

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