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Keyboard & Mouse not working, help!


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My USB keyboard and mouse have stopped working. No caps light, no response to mouse inputs, etc, etc. I obviously cannot log in this way :o

The entire PC works fine from a Win2k boot drive (IDE) that I keep around for diag stuff.

Even under XP safe mode, nothing.

This is XP SP2 with hotfoxes as of July 1st.

Both the Kb and Mouse are Microsoft hardware. Both Intellipoint and Intellitype are installed. I tried anothe rknown-good keyboard and mouse (both USB), no luck. The mobo has no keyboard, mouse, or serial ports so trying old-style HID devices isn't an option.

No changes were made to the system in the past two weeks. The system has been loaded and running fine for >6 months.

Literally overnight this happened. Logged off and went to bed. Got home from work 2 hours ago and no keyboard or mouse in XP.

Is there any way to tell XP on bootup for force scan for new hardware?


(and many thanks in advance)

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Try turning the computer on and loggin in through Remote desktop and have it scan for hardware changes...

I ran into this problem a few times with NEW PC's from dell... we would plug in the usb keyboard and mouse but it recognize it until we used a PS/2 keyboard to log in as admin.. once logged in it would install the USB drivers..

Not sure why yours stopped working... but try logging in remotely.. or using a PS/2 keyboard..

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i have MS mouse and keyboard too. Yes, i experienced your problem in the past. After talking to MS support technician about this issue, i know how to fix this problem and received a FREE trackball optical mouse from MS. Nice heh.? don't ask me how i did it. :)

here is what you need to do.

1-use PS2 for your mouse and keyboard. Do not use USB for now.

2-go to safe mode. If you are able to use your keyboard, use your keyboard to high light and delete all USB devices listed UNDER USB in Device Manager.

WinXP SP2 apparently has issue with USB driver. By uninstall and reinstall USB driver, winxp will work probably.

3-Uninstall MS mouse and keyboard driver software ..... Restart computer

4-reinstall MS mouse keyboard driver software

5-Your problem is solved.


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try it if system restore is active on your pc:


i had the same problem with different cause in a recent past but i was able to recover by a different manner du to the fact i disabled system restore.

if you still have your problem, i'll tell you what to try else

good luck

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If one or both or the devices is wireless, look for a small dot the size of the head of a paper clip. This is the reset button; each part should have a reset. I know sometimes frequencies collide, as the FCC did not really regulate the 2.4 GHz spectrum, causing some devices to lock up.

They way to get some wi-fi devices to start working is to press the reset on the part connected to the PC first, and then press the reset on the device.

What is strange is that your bios didn't prompt you about no keyboard present. You might want see if you can enter your BIOS. If you can, then try changing Legacy USB to enable.

Either way, repost.

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Try checking your hardware BIOS under USB support maybe its disabled. If it doesnt work. try re-installing a new USB driver in your PC buy putting ur drive into another PC and install the driver of d keybord and mouse.

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Ok, Clear your CMOS.

One more thing I remembered; this has happened twice in 4 years; both times with system that ran fan. Sometimes, the bottom the motherboard comes in contact with the case causing ground loops and the occasional short. This is especially true for the rear IO ports.

So, remove your motherboard and place electrical tape around the rear IO. Usually two strips width will work. Since you're going to remove your board, just remove the battery as well to clear everything.

Next, use paper washers under your mobo mounts; between the case and the mounts. Also use the washers under the screw heads; between the screws and the top of the motherboard.

Finally, if you own a furry pet, use compressed air on the inside of your case. Don't use electrical cleaner (degreaser) around any fans. This will remove the grease and/or oil from most bearings and increase the pitch of the fan noise.

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All useful suggestions, normal troubleshooting techniques, didn't help in my case. :}

But we have a solution!!

I got the system to boot and give me kbd and mouse by reverting to a previous known-good config with an F8 boot.

Then I looked hard and long at all of the USB devices.

Guess what??

SP2 had turned on power saving for ALL of my USB root hubs. All 5 of them! So when the system went into screen saver and powered off the monitor, 30 minutes later the USB hubs all shut off.

I turned off the 'power down' feature for the root hubs and all is well.

I checked on two other personal systems that recently had SP2 installed and the same 'problem' came up. I've got my techs in the office researching this with both Microsoft and on our own installed base of about 3000 PCs, about 1/2 of which have SP2.

So far this problem is confirmed on desktop systems with Abit, and ASUS mobos running Athlon XP CPUs. We'll be checking the Intel CPU systems (mostly Dell) for the problem starting August 5th (normal quarterly maintenance cycle).

Again, thanks to everyone who helped out, this particular problem is pretty smelly............

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