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Adding the "Add Users" screen

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Is there a fast way to test whether the oobeinfo.ini file works the way I desire?

Or am I doomed to reinstall Windows everytime I want to test a small change?

I have read ref.chm regarding oobeinfo.ini but I do not see anything regarding how to hide certain pages from the user. Is it necessary to populate all the fields of oobeinfo to hide all the screens, except the User Creation screen (...the only one I want visible ?)

I need a bit more info...

EDIT: Discovered that there are numerous versions of ref.chm. The deployment tools cab I downloaded from microsoft ( KB838080 ) is newer than one I pulled from the CD (dated 2001). The one from the CD makes much more sense to me than the updated one.

Even after reading the older ref.chm I am still unsure about what will hide or show pages. Anybody have an example of their oobeinfo.ini online somewhere? Maybe a small section could be appended to the unattended guide?

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Here is mine:

SkipAutoUpdate = 1

Offline = 1
ScreenResolutionCheck = 1

This gets rid of everything but the auto updates question and the add users screen.

To test i reccomend the virtual PC trial. You get 45 days with it.

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Wow, this would be a nice addition, I had no idea you could keep those screens in an unattended installation...this will make my setup a lot more user friendly...awesome.

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