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  1. I am trying to deploy Dell Vista Ultimate to two D830 laptops using WDS Litetouch so that i can have it install programs along with the operating system. I know about putting the key from PID.txt in the xml file and adding the key to the OEM folder, but what am I missing? When I add the DVD source files to the Operating Systems in Deployment workbench and then update the deployment point, Ultimate does not show up as an option when I boot the laptop and choose lite touch. My MVOL Enterprise and XPSP2 shows up, but not the OEM Ultimate. Am i going about this the wrong way?
  2. I solved my issue by not using the /pnp switch when I sysprepped the machine the second time.
  3. Ok so i followed a guide written by Issac Holmes called "Creating WIM images of Windows XP for system deployment using Windows PE" In that guide it shows you how to make a basic Winodws PE disk using the WAIK "Windows PE Tools command prompt," including how to integrate extra drivers. I downloaded the Chipset, Wlan, LAN and Mass Storage packages from Driverpacks.net and then following the advice of the article deleted the one MSD driver known to make PE not boot. After finalizing the image and creating the CD i tested it on a machine but it just boots to a black sceen. No mouse cursor or hard drive activity. pressing keys does nothing as well. Anyone else run into this? Iam going to go back and make the cd with just the MSD and LAN drivers but I thought i would ask. Here is a link to the guide i used: http://www.msfn.org/board/GUIDE_Creating_W...XP_t101383.html
  4. sorry to take so long to get back. What would i need for processor speeds and ram? I was thinking dual Xeon single or dual core processors with 2-4gb of ram. For the hard drives i was thinking 15k scsi for the OS mirror and 10k scsi for the raid 5
  5. Give me some info on how the data is retrieved and I may be able to do it. If i were better with java i would modify this myself, and hopefully you may be able to. The following links are for the "Cingular Minute Minder" FireFox addon. The first is the JS file that handles the login and stuff and the second is a link to the rest of the files related to it. It is all open source code cingular.js Source CVS repository
  6. We will be replacing our Mail, File and Web servers with new hardware this year and I need some advice. The plan is to eventually run Longhorn Server on them and Exchange 2007. I know for the Exchange server i will need a 64bit server. My plans for each server are this: Mail Server: Exchange 2003/2007 inside a virtual server environment (either MS or VMware, most likely MS) in a single cluster config ~100 users will be on the system, most only have 35mb mailboxes File Server and Web We would like to consolidate our web and file servers into one physical box, running on one virtual server. For the File part, we need at least 500gb of space for normal storage as well as a backup to disk option so we can have the most recent backups available. For the web we plan to run sharepoint 2.0 in all its glory which will receive heavy usage. For hardware i can't decide to use either 2 physical servers with 2 mirrored drives and a separate raid 5 array each or 2 physical servers with mirrored drives and a shared storage array for the virtual hard drives. I really need some advice here. Thanks.
  7. Anyone know of a sidebar gadget that will look up my Minutes on my Cingular Wireless account like the Firefox extension?
  8. that worked perfectly. Thank you very much.
  9. found the english version but i get an unsupported controller error The controller is a Chipsbank cbm1180
  10. so i got the program, but i can't read chinese... i am not trying to be difficult and appreaciate all the help... Any ideas using a linux live CD?
  11. couldn't find the port free program... any other ideas?
  12. The drive itself is made by Hantat and i can't get the screw out that holds it together. I tried the U3 Uninstaller but its not a U3 drive. I am trying to source the other program to try that though.
  13. I got a flash drive from IntegraSys (integrasys.fiserv.com) in the mail the other day as an advertisement. I plugged the thing in and noticed that it added a cdrom to my computer. I know its a 512mb flash drive, but when i format it in windows is shows up as 447mb because of the 50mb worth of integrasys on the cdrom part. My question is, how do i get rid of the CD rom part of the flash drive?
  14. I would assume so. If you find another piece of software (hopefully OSS) that works post it here.
  15. For all those who use software that just won't install, you need to do the following: 1. Find a copy of Ghost AI Builder and a clean XP Install 2. Install Ghost AI 3. Run Ghost AI Snapshot, and follow directions in program to install software you want to use in VISTA 4. Buid the install file as directed in the software 5. Run the New install file in VISTA 6. Enjoy your software When you run the new installer in vista you will get an error message about user settings not being installed, but that is ok. The software will still install. Below is a link to an install for the 2k3 Adminpak.msi. I am not responsible for any damage this causes and you should never use this in a production environment. If not downloaded in 40 Days from this post the file will be deleted. If you download it, post the date so people have an idea if the file is still around. The size is 18mb 2k3AdminPak.zip
  16. Is it possible to use RIS with a NON-Windows DHCP server? I want to use my Adtran router as a DHCP server because it boots faster than my windows server, and my phones depend on DHCP for an IP after a power outage or reboot. Do i only need to forward requests to the RIS server?
  17. Here is mine: [Options] SkipAutoUpdate = 1 [StartupOptions] Offline = 1 ScreenResolutionCheck = 1 This gets rid of everything but the auto updates question and the add users screen. To test i reccomend the virtual PC trial. You get 45 days with it.
  18. look in the ref.chm file under oobeinfo.ini and when you create the file place it in the: \$OEM$\$$\System32\OOBE\ directory
  19. Where do i add the commands and what do i add so i only give them the one screen?
  20. How do i get the "Add Users that will access this PC" back when using an unattended install?
  21. I am creating a cd to give out to my board members so that if their PC dies, they can pop the cd in and it will re-install windows. The only problem i am having at the moment is that it never prompts them to add users to the computer. I want something like the new computer setup like when you turn on a new dell, but i only want the add users screen. Thanks in advance!

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