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Desktop Icons Position

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Hi, all in title ... Where Windows save the desktop icons position ? I know the Layout.dll to save and restore position but it isn't my target ... I would just backup the registry/file which contains the info.

Thanks very very much if you have any suggestions !!! This is my last step of my perfect CleanInstall.cmd :P

edit: I have deleted HKCU\Control Panel and HKCU\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\ and Shell and ShellNoRoam and when I reboot icons are in the same position.

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there is a freeware tools to take registry spanpshot of the settings u just made.

make a snapshot of a normal settings and save

then make changes ( icon spaces) and as u wish and save another shot

then compare the both snapshots

u will find that changes had windows made in the registry and extract the necessary registry tweaks.


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The easiest way to get your desktop setup the way you like is to configure it the way you want it, LOG OFF/IN (this is why Regshot doesn't pick up anything unless you use Save Shot), then export the entire Desktop key.

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Thanks Achdine! In fact I have find this key but doesn't because when I shutdown the regkey is recreated, I have set the Policy NoSaveSettings and it works ...

I use RegMon from Sysinternals (good guys here!), I prefer this, shots method isn't fastest ...

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